CLCE'94 Contents page

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1. ISIS-Tutor: An Intelligent Learning Environment for CDS/ISIS Users
Peter Brusilovsky, Leonid Pesin

2. Ceilidh: A Courseware System for the Assessment and Administration of Computer Programming Courses in Higher Education
S D Benford, E K Burke, E Foxley, C A Higgins

3. Measuring and Monitoring Student Learning using an Educational Software Engineering Environment
E.A.Dodman, J.F.Coxhead

4. LMU Experiences with Design of Computer-Based Multimedia Learning Systems
Dr Dave Hobbs, Dr Dave Moore

5. Five Years Experience of Architecture and Assembly Language Introduction Course for the First Year Students
Iouri A.Bogoiavlenski, Andrew A.Pechnikov

6. "Leeds Argumentation System" (LAS): Towards an ITS for Educational Debate
Dr David Moore, Dr Dave Hobbs

7. Learning Geography in Secondary School through a Hypermedia System
Francesco Natale, Anna Troise, Francesco Antinucci, Luisa Berlinguer