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ISIS-Tutor: An Intelligent Learning Environment for CDS/ISIS Users
Peter Brusilovsky, Leonid Pesin
Email: plb@cogpsy.uni-trier.de, leo@cs.msu.su

Ceilidh: A Courseware System for the Assessment and Administration of Computer Programming Courses in Higher Education
S D Benford, E K Burke, E Foxley, C A Higgins
Email: ekb@Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Measuring and Monitoring Student Learning using an Educational Software Engineering Environment
E.A.Dodman, J.F.Coxhead
Email: e.dodman@lmu.ac.uk
LMU Experiences with Design of Computer-Based Multimedia Learning Systems
Dr Dave Hobbs, Dr Dave Moore
Email: d.hobbs@lmu.ac.uk, d.moore@lmu.ac.uk
Five Years Experience of Architecture and Assembly Language Introduction Course for the First Year Students
Iouri A.Bogoiavlenski, Andrew A.Pechnikov
Email: ybgv@mainpgu.karelia.su, apech@mainpgu.karelia.su
"Leeds Argumentation System" (LAS): Towards an ITS for Educational Debate
Dr David Moore, Dr Dave Hobbs Email: d.hobbs@lmu.ac.uk, d.moore@lmu.ac.uk
Learning Geography in Secondary School through a Hypermedia System
Francesco Natale, Anna Troise, Francesco Antinucci, Luisa Berlinguer
Email: natale@kant.irmkant.rm.cnr.it