The interdisciplinary workshop on Complex Learning in Computer Environments (CLCE94) is coorganized by the Research and Development Center for Information Technology in Education (TOTY) and by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Joensuu. The goal of the workshop is to exchange relevant information between researchers of different disciplines like education, computer science, and cognitive psychology. The workshop aims to provide information about the new ways of understanding learning and technology. These goals and aims were also reflected in the Key Topics (see below) that characterize the CLCE94 Workshop:

Research and Development Center for Information Technology in Education (abbreviated TOTY, in Finnish) is a non-permanent research unit that studies the interaction between man, information-processing tools and the qualities of different computer-based learning environments with respect to learning, information and motivation theories. Today, the TOTY research center is approaching the end of its five years term and plans are being made to continue work in this new and important field. This workshop is sure to be an excellent forum for reflecting new ideas about modern theories of learning, information tools, and the complexities of a man and a machine.

Department of Computer Science at the University of Joensuu can be characterized as "main stream" computer science department, with an emphasis on programming and software production. The research done in computer science department is related with different aspects of software production, such as algorithms, programming, software engineering, and user interfaces. In future, also computer science education will gain importance. In the last few years the research has grouped around three projects: one on user interfaces, another on software engineering, and another on parallel computing.

The organizers felt that this workshop was timely because of the new emerging approaches for understanding and dealing with complexity. The interdisciplinary nature of this workshop have proven our point: An attempt to understand complexity in human and/or in environment will need multiple theoretical / disciplinary perspectives. We are also grateful to the guest lecturer Dr. Alan Lesgold, who will provide an essential framework for the CLCE94 workshop.

We wish you an interactive workshop with complex issues.

Jarmo J. Levonen, Markku T. Tukiainen


Levonen, J. J. & Tukiainen, M. T. (1994). Preface. In J. J. Levonen & M. T. Tukiainen (Eds.) Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary workshop on Complex Learning in Computer Environments: Technology in School, University, Work and Life-Long Education (CLCE94). Technical Reports TOTY-P8-1994-04. TOTY, University of Joensuu.