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Mohammad Rezaei
Machine Learning Group
School of Computing
University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu

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Research interest:
Data mining
Image and video processing
Location-based systems


PhD thesis

M. Rezaei, "Clustering validation", PhD. Dissertation, Faculty of Science and Forestry, School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland, June 2016 (pdf)

International journals

M. Rezaei, P. Franti, "Set matching measures for external cluster validity", IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, DOI: 10.1109/TKDE.2016.2551240, 2016. (pdf)
P. Franti, M. Rezaei, Q. Zhao, "Centroid index: cluster level similarity measure", Pattern Recognition, 47(9), pp. 3034-3045, 2014. (pdf)

International conferences

P. Franti, M. Rezaei, "Generalizing centroid index to different clustering models", Joint IAPR International Workshop, SSPR & SPR 2014 (S+SSPR), Springer International Publishing. (pdf)
M. Rezaei, N. Gali, P. Franti, "ClRank: A Method for Keyword Extraction from Web pages using clustering and distribution of nouns", International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT), 2015. (pdf)
M. Rezaei, P. Franti, "Matching similarity for keyword-based clustering", Joint IAPR International Workshop, SSPR & SPR 2014, Joensuu, (S+SSPR). (pdf)
Q. Zhao, M. Rezaei, P. Franti, "Keyword clustering for automatic categorization", 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition, (ICPR), 2012. (pdf)

Iranian journals (In Persian)

M. Beygzadeh, M. Rezaei, F.J.Dinan, “Jpeg image steganalysis based on classification of statistical features and two stage decision making”, Iranian Journal on Signal and Data Processing, 1(11), pp. 53-70, 2009.
F.J.Dinan, M. Rezaei, M. Beygzadeh, “Review of jpeg steganography methods and their security analysis”, Iranian Journal on Signal and Data Processing, 2(12), pp. 75-98, 2009.

Iranian conferences (In Persian)

A.R.Taheri, M. Rezaei, M. Mostafavi, "Steganography in Pixels Value Differences based on random block selection", 15th National CSI Computer Conference, CSICC, Tehran, Iran, February 2010.
A.R Asadi, M. Rezaei, “Automatic Detection of problematic images based on skin area and recognition of human organs”. 5th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision, Image Processing and Applications, M.V.I.P., Tabriz University 2008.
A.R Asadi, M. Rezaei, “Automatic detection of images contain nude human skin”, 16th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering. Tarbiat Modares University, May 2008.
M. Rezaei, M.R. Rohani, J. Sheikhzadegan, “A New Steganography Scheme Based on Uncorrelating the Image in Spatial Domain and Embedding in Transform Domain, Compatible with JPEG format”, Proceedings of the 3rd Iranian Society of Cryptology Conference, September 2005.
M. Rezaei, M. Vafadoost, “Optimization of Color Space Transform Based on JPEG2000 and Genetic Algorithm for Improving Image Compression Efficiency”, 11th Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Applications, ICBME'04, February 2004.
M. Rezaei, M. Vafadoost, "A new metric for image quality assessment using neural networks", Second Iranian Conference on Machine Vision, Image Processing and Applications, M.V.I.P. February, 2003.