Usability Engineering 175420 (5 ECTS)

Käytettävyystekniikat 175420 (5 ECTS)

"The usability of an interface is a measure of the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users can achieve specified goals in a particular environment with that interface." (ISO 13407)


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Final results of the course here.

Second midterm exam: 12.3.2008, 10:15 - 13:15, room TD106. Topics: what has not been on the first exam :).

Lectures on week 10 are cancelled. Thanks all for attending the class. Final exam date will be soon announced.

Last week of the course, calendar 10. The date of 2nd intermediate exam will be agreed, please, attend the lectures.

Demo 8 assignment published, containing one X task (two points) and one normal task.

Due to the sports-day, demos on 26.2.2008 are cancelled. Yet, your solutions need to be emailed by Mo-Tue midnight. Thanks A.P. for noticing.

Change in the schedule! You should have received an email with more details. If you have not, contact the lecturer.

Demo 7 assignment published, containing one X task (two points) and one normal task.

Demo 6 assignment published, containing one X task (two points) and one normal task.

Results of the 1st intermediate exam published.

Demo 5 assignment published, containing one X task (three points).

Demo 4 assignment published, containing one X task (two points) and one normal task.

Demo 3 assignment published, containing only one X task.

First intermediate exam: 30.1.2008, 10:15, 2D106.

Demo 2 assignment published, containing 3 tasks (incl. one X task).

Demo 1 assignment published, containing 3 tasks. Email answers to the task 1.

First lectures will be held: 9.1.2008, time: 10-12, room 2d106. Welcome!

Demos will start in week 3 (calendar), i.e. 15.1.2008.


Main topics so far (in order)


Course arrangements

General info


32 hours

Wednesday and Thursday, 10 - 12, room 2D106

Lecturer: Roman Bednarik

Exceptions: 31.1.2008: Visit the Usability Lab. Demo group 1: 10:15, Demo group 2: 11:15.
27.-28.2.2008: Home reading assignment.

Demo sessions

16 hours

Group 1: Tuesday, 12-14, room: B180.

Group 2: Tuesday, 16-18, room: B180.

Teacher: Roman Bednarik


Demo assignments:

The Usability Engineering 2008 competition!

*Do you find something annoying in the Science Park? Bad design? Poor usability? Tell us all about it!

  1. check the list of already found problems
  2. write a short description (2-5 sentences)
  3. tell what is wrong
  4. document the problem by a photo or drawing
  5. propose a solution
  6. present in the lecture (5 minutes)
  7. get (up-to) 1 point for the Usability Engineering course
  8. repeat the process from * ! You can get more.

Already found problems

Tersia Gowases (2006): Flat floor of 2D106 classroom disallows students in back rows to see the bottor lines of the projected screen.

Cristina Garrido Morro and Sebastián Bravo López (2006): Several problems in Science Park (white boards,computers, stairs,doors after 16:00, such things as toilet basin)

Niina Jormanainen & Klaus Johansson (2006): light switches, toilet seats, lift, Corelli's menu on WWW

Konstantin Petrukhnov (2006): Strange equipment, Dirty mice, Strange door, Missing floor plans, Loud projector, Clocks in the lecture rooms, E-mail

Santiago Hernandez de Luis (2006): Sponges, Screens between tables, Bathroom doors, Wardrobe problems



Additional information

Roman Bednarik

Visit: Usability Research Group at CS JoY