June 22. 2012

The whole story should start from middle summer (Juhannuspäivä), which I suppose starts to celebrate on Friday, Juhannus Eve (June 22). 

Before the defense, there is the “fire”! Everyone is celebrating.

It was the most fun Juhannus Eve. Before the big event, it was a great chance to relax myself. The weather was surprisely good although there were so many mosquitoes this year. Thanks Orson for the drinks in such nice evening and other Chinese for spending the night together.


IMG_1716.JPG                                      IMG_1714.JPG

Cloud Callout: my iphone…The day ends by an iphone in water and drunk people.

2012-06-30 12.52.38.jpg                  P1060717.JPG



June 23. 2012

Comes up with the second day’s story:

Orson, who has diving license, is searching for the iphone himself. The water is cold; It is around 3 meters deep; It is less than 0.5 meters visibility; All the facts come up with the conclusion that there is no hope to get the iphone back without expert equipments.


The supporting team is big; however, no one can help. So after all, just enjoy the sunshine.

Only THIS area!

P1060725.JPG P1060737.JPG

Suddenly, Mr. Wind visits only on that area and blows up everyone’s jackets.

The highest was MINE! And it disappeared forever.



There are two NOKIA phones in the pockets of this jacket.



Rounded Rectangular Callout: Those guys are not afraid of cold water anymore.Rounded Rectangular Callout: A kind lady rescued several jackets.P1060752.JPG P1060753.JPG



June 24. 2012

It was raining. There was no sunshine that day, which persuades me to stay at home and prepare my “lectio praecursoria”.