When you need to read this, congratulations! That means you are going to graduate.


There is an official to-do list on uef webpage, you need to login first.




To do list for PhD defense (me as an example):


1. write the thesis, which may take one or two months depends on your personal progress. Thesis templates (both latex and word) can be found here:




2. several rounds of revision between me and supervisor;


3. proof-reading; The one I have used is: http://www.pro-proofreading.com/

    comments: The service is fine (fast and cheap). However, they are  British style and they don’t have academic background. The department will cover the cost for language checking under 750 EUR.


4. I need to fill in an application form for permission to send the thesis to reviewers with supervisor. The form can be found here: http://www.uef.fi/lumet/lomakkeet  Secretary can take care of the delivery of the form. Of course, you can do it by yourself.

Delivery info: deliver the application and two copies of the thesis to Kaisa Laitinen (kaisa.laitinen@uef.fi Tel.050 432 7573 / 013 251 3652) room 363 in Borealis building, Joensuu campus.


5. Wait for the comments from reviewers. I got two rounds of comments from one reviewer. After then, the reviewer wrote the statement, which recommend the faculty to give permission for printing my thesis.


6. While I was waiting another reviewer’s statement, I send emails to publishers for reprint permission of my publications. This relates to the copyright of published papers. This step can be done beforehand. For IEEE papers, there is no need to ask for permission.


7. I send emails to Kopijyvä Oy and inquiry about their schedule. They suggested in my case (defense on June 25) that it would be good to send the thesis before June 4, check on the first copy of printing before June 7 and make the book ready June 15.


8. After getting the statements from reviewers, I need to modify the thesis according to their comments. Then the form of proposal for opponent and custos should be filled.


9. Send an abstract of the thesis and six keywords to Heikki Laitinen by email. He will send back the keyword classification.


10. The publication number and the ISSN/ISBN numbers you can ask from the Library either by email (isbn@uef.fi) or via http://elomake.joensuu.fi/lomakkeet/3205/lomake.html . It is easy to use the web link. The ISBN number will be given in several hours.


11. Send the thesis to editor Pertti Pasanen. For my case, after several days, he asked me to send email  to Prof. Pekka Kilpeläinen. Prof. Pekka read my thesis and give some comments. After the modification, he sent a form of UEF_publishing_agreement. Both the author and the editor need to sign. After all of these, I can print the thesis.



Qinpei Zhao



12. I met the problem of fonts embedded when I printed my thesis. For windows latex, there is a setting can be changed for embedding all fonts. Just remember to check the fonts are all embedded before printing.


13. While waiting for the first copy of the book, write a press release in English and send supervisor or colleague to translate into Finnish. Contact the photographer Varpu Heiskanen (varpu.heiskanen (at) uef.fi) to reserve a time for photo. Contact secretary Tarja Ryhänen - tarja.ryhanen (at) uef.fi  to make a reservation with Rector.


13. Kopijyva sends one copy of the book for proof. I found the back cover of the book is lack of a description of the book.


14. Monday I confirmed with Kopijyva for printing the book, Thursday, I got them in the office.


15. It’s better to prepare the press release a little bit early. The press release should be grandma’s level, which means even grandma can understand.


16. For preparing the cake &coffee and karonkka party, one week before the defense is enough. I inquired about the cake&coffee in the cafeteria of Science park, the price is 6.5 or 7.5 euros /person including two cakes, coffee, tea and waitress service. For 7.5e, it includes pie additionally. Karonkka party can be in restaurants or Pursiseura Villa (rent catering service). Usually the main menu is around 28-40e, not including drinks.



Note: For printing, department will cover the cost for maximum of 70 copies of thesis.

You need to ask them to print

   1 for Rector

   1 for Dean

   1 for Opponent

   1 for Faculty

   1 for each supervisor and reviewer

   Some extra based on your own judgement


The following should be printed and delivered by the printing house without any special order from you

   25 for Libraries

   6 for national archives




Pre-story before my defense


My D-Day