Mekriyarvi No.2 (4~7. Mar, 2009)


“Good Story” starts from Wednesday. SIPU group once again meets in Mekriyarvi.


The representative building of Mekriyarvi




Hope to sit on it during summer time.



Ski is usually the most interesting part in this trip… to me at least. Slip down, stand up, slip down and stand up…this comes the joy. Last year, we spent more than 2 hours to finish a 4 or 5 km’s track route, back before afternoon coffee break. This year, three of us are found in the forest until dinner time.


Our guest: Annu~~


Rahim’s first time, as smart as me. ^_^


After 2 hours, when Pasi asked if we get lost, we suddenly found we “maybe” get lost. Have no idea what “lost” feels. But the moment we see the cars, which are looking for us, I can feel the release.  




Minjie is so happy to see the cars!



The road we are found.

Thanks to the rescuers!



Finally, we are safe.


After being back again from the cold, snow forest, food looks so delicious to us.





We have good killers, policemen and judges. Who is the most suspicious one?


Guitar guy…


Food for evening. If we stay here for long time, I think I will gain 10 kg.


The table is waiting for the chess men.


Olli needs more beer to make the game more interesting.


Who is struggling with the puzzle, four stars puzzle…




This year, we had so good research sense; Discussions and arguments made the whole trip so “scientific”, which is worth of “research camp”.





Breakfast time


Happy Ending~