Our Research Camp


This is a three-days trip to Merikyari, which is a research center of Joensuu university far from away the center of Joensuu city.Itís really an excited thing to me maybe because I can get out of the routine life for a while. And I really need to find something fresh.

It was Wednesday, we started at about 10:30. Taking nearly two hours, we arrived the destination.

Itís really a nice place, far away from the people. Actually itís a small village there. This house in the picture used to be a school in that area.

Look outside from my room.


If someone does something wrong, he has to live in this snow hole. Maybe itís not too bad to try to be Esquimau.^_^


The most important thing in the research camp is ÖÖFOOD!! Because the schedule is like: 8:00-9:00 Breakfast;11:30-12:30 Lunch; 2:30-3:30 Coffee break with delicious pies;5:00-6:00Dinner;†† 8:30 -††† Evening Dinner.

††††††††††† A kind of Pie (Cheese & Meat?)

Breakfast in the Ravintalo


Can you recognize whatís Pasi eating for breakfast?



After so much food, some sports is necessary. So the here we are, skiing!

There is a big slope to the lake, and Ö itís a good place to have a little down-hill practice.

Itís my first try of skiing. Luckily there are good and patient teachers.




And we have a good start!



5 km tripÖ two and half an hourÖmakes me pain all over the body!!

This is the start point, that time I still feel fresh there.

OhÖWhere is Pasi?? ^_^






Itís a down-hill, itís excited, I like it, butÖ It makes me fall down again and give pasi the chance to take an embarrassed picture of me. The accident happened here.

That is described by somebody:

Before the skiing trip when Qinpei's clothes looked red and face white. After 1 hour 30 minutes it was the opposite. ;)


Iím looking for the bear and wolf.


This 5km trip was really hard. Especially is the time when we have to climb up-hill. Though you have to climb up, then you can enjoy the excitement of down. I still can not afford it. SoÖ I take off my shoes and walk up-hill by my own feet. Surely they are laughing at me.





Haha, this is Tomi escaping from the horizontal line. Coffee break~~~


Evening part:

There are two groups: one for chess game, which is really professional.

Check out their chess clock!


The other group is for music playing. They make me understand singing is really popular all over the world. In Shanghai, itís popular for kalaOK, which is used to yelling and through that release pressure. Everybody can be a music star in that place. But I have to say, these two players are really good, though their songs are a little bit rocky.

I pretend to be one of them.



Itís late in the night; we have to go to bed. Our team goes with a guitar in the front.




The end