Location-aware mobile applications development (5 op)

Course description

The goal is to learn to develop mobile multimedia applications based on user location. Application will be implemented in mobile phone by Java or C++ language, and use mobile-specific APIs for photo capture and GPS-based positioning. Technical issues about threading, server-client communication and web programming are dealt with. Applications include multimedia data collection, analysis, photo sharing, social networking and location-based games. Research problems in these application will be introduced, including topics in data mining, machine learning and pattern recognition.


Teacher: Pasi Fršnti
    Monday 14-16 (D106)
    Tuesday 14-16 (D106)


Already presented
24.1.Presentation of the MOPSI projectPasi
25.1.Topics of interestPasi
25.1.Introduction to mobile developmentJesus
7.2.Windows MobileDariusz
7.2.Near Field CommunicationSami
14.2.Location-based Data on the WebAndrei
14.2.Text semanticsErnest
15.2.Service clustering in MopsiQinpei
21.2.PHP, Javascript, Google Maps APIKarol
22.2.WiFi positioning + WiFi-vs-Wimax + wireless summaryBabak
28.2.Image content analysisParas
7.3.MOPSI progress presentationsMOPSI team
7.3.Killer GameAll
8.3.Killer GameAll
14.3.Route processingMinjie
15.3.Clustering and Neighborhood graphs in MopsiMikko
28.3.Title detectionErnest
28.3.Picasa uploadDariusz
29.3.Mopsi photo processingParas
29.3.Student map-locator WWW-pageTersia/Manash
29.3.Killer game WWW pageHyunshik
TBAKiller game creating WWW pageSami


Exam: final (oral) examination plus contributions to project tasks

MOPSI project

MOPSI is a Finnish abbreviation for Mobiilit PaikkatietoSovellukset ja Internet which can be translated in English as "Mobile Location-based Applications and Internet". The MOPSI project implements different location-based services and applications such as mobile search engines, data collection, user tracking and route recording. The project has its applications integrated both on the web and mobile phones with the aim to integrate user location as a search option. A Location Based Search is a web search in which the userís location is an additional relevance factor. It describes a location in a way relevant to the users with the support of existing geographical identification services such as Geographical Positioning Services (GPS). The search results are sorted by the proximity to the userís location.

Preliminary knowledge

Recommended literature