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How to obtain color spectra from database?

Spectra set can be obtained via anonymous ftp or WWW. NOTE that some files have longer filenames than eight characters and the number of extensions may be more than one. That does not cause any problems with unix systems but when transferring files into systems which cannot handle long filenames (e.g. DOS) they should be given shorter filenames first. Remember to obtain the README.txt file from that directory where you transfer spectra sets.

Using ftp service:

      Connected to
      220 kannel FTP server 
      (Version Thu Jul 22 18:32:22 GMT 1993)
      Name ( ftp
      331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
      Password: 'yourUserid@yourhost'
      230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
      ftp> bin
      ftp> cd pub/color/spectra
      250 CWD command successful.
      ftp> dir
      ftp> cd 'Subdirectory'
      ftp> get 'Filename' 
      ftp> bye

How to unpack loaded files?

Spectra sets are all compressed with gzip and some of them are also tarred before compressing.

To decompress:

All compressed spectra sets have the extension '.gz'.

  1. Make sure that you have gzip compress/decompress program available.
  2. Uncompress your file: gzip -d 'YourFilename.gz'

To untar:

All tarred spectra sets have the extension '.tar'.

  1. Make sure that you have tar tape file archiver program available.
  2. Untar your file: cat 'YourFilename.tar' | tar xvf -

To decompress and untar:

  1. Make sure that you have both gzip and tar programs available.
  2. Decompress and untar your file: gzip -d < 'YourFilename.tar.gz' | tar xvf -



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