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Munsell colors matt
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Munsell colors matt
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(Spectrofotometer measured)
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(Spectrofotometer measured)

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The reflectance spectra of 218 coloured samples collected from the nature. Samples include flowers and leaves and other colourful plants. Each spectrum consists of 61 elements that are raw data got from the output of the 12 bit A/D-converter of the AOTF color measuring equipment. All the element values should be between 0 and 4096. However there can exist some values which are larger than 4096. Those element values should be corrected to the value 4096.

Measuring equipment: Acousto Optic Tunable Filter. (AOTF)

Wavelength interval: 400 nm - 700 nm.

Wavelength resolution: 5 nm.

File formats: The currently available format is ASCII.

Measurer: Esa Koivisto, Department of Physics, University of Kuopio, Finland

Further information:

  • Parkkinen, J., Jaaskelainen, T. and Kuittinen, M.: ``Spectral representation of color images,'' IEEE 9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Rome, Italy, 14-17 November, 1988, Vol. 2, pp. 933-935.



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