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The spectra from sawn timber branches and from pure sawn timber without any branches. All measurements were made by using four-mirror system in sample and reference space where one mirror in sample space was replaced with a sample. Backround corrections were made first by using a mirror instead of a sample in sample space. So reflection from every samples were compared to a reflection from a mirror (which were determined to one hundred percent). Filter were used in front of reference beam to cut out 87.25 % because the specular reflectance from each sample were originally lower than one percent. So every reflectance values are relatively but anyway proportional to each other.

Measuring equipment: Perkin-Elmer lambda 9 UV/VIS/NIR spectrofotometer.

Wavelength interval: 380 nm - 2700 nm.

Wavelength resolution: 1 nm.

File formats: The available formats are ASCII and MATLAB.

Measurer: Jouni Hiltunen

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