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The absorbance spectra of 10 different candy dyes. The candy dyes that are measured are E131, E100, E160a, E160e, E132, E163, E120, E162, E141 and the mixture of E100 and E141. There are two different concentrations from each color. The first concentration is 5 ul/10 ml H2O and the second one is 20 ul/10 ml H2O. The absorbance spectrum of pure solvent H2O was measured first so it is possible to isolate the absorption due to dye alone by dividing the spectrum measured from dye solution by the spectrum measured from the pure solvent.

Measuring equipment: Hewlet Packard 8452A Diode Array Spectrofotometer.

Wavelength interval: 190 nm - 820 nm.

Wavelength resolution: 2 nm.

File formats: The available formats are ASCII and MATLAB.

Measurer: Jouni Haanpalo

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Department of Physics
University of Joensuu