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The AgfaReference

The Agfa ColorReference is designed according to the IT8.7 standard.The standard defines the layout and colorimetric values of an input test target that allows any color scanner to be calibrated with any photographic medium dye set. The IT8 target was designed by the ANSI IT8 subcommittee to be used for both calibration by visual comparison and as a numerical data target.

Each ColorReference consist of 288 patches, and has been designed to represent the color space from full saturation to near neutrals at highlight, midtone, and shadows.Hues falling at regular intervals through the color space represent a full spectrum gamut. A linear perception neutral density scale, and CMY and RGB color dye scales provide basic reference points to check for gray balance, tone reproduction, and color correction. Finally, a vendor-optional area containing flesh colors based on the colorimetric measurements of various skin tones plus the colors of nature completes the ColorReference.

The spectral reflectance of samples were measured with Minolta spectro- photometer with option SCE (Specular component excluded). The CM-2002 utilizes d/8 (diffuse illumination/8o viewing) geometry which conforms to ISO and DIN standards (and also to CIE d/0 recommendations).

Measuring equipment: Minolta spectrofotometer CM-2002.

Wavelength interval: 400 nm - 700 nm.

Wavelength resolution: 10 nm.

File formats: The available formats are ASCII and MATLAB.

Measurer: Elzbieta Marszalec (University of Oulu, Electrical Eng.Dept)

Further information: (University of Oulu, Electrical Eng.Dept)

  • AgfaFotoreference, Trademark of Agfa-Gevaert A.G., Septestraat 27 2640 Mortsel - Belgium,1992.



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