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Student openings at OpenUsability

Posted in hci, internet, usability on April 1st, 2008 by roman

I will be participating as a mentor in this year’s Season of Usability. SoU is a series of sponsored (up to $1000) projects where students interested in usability apply to work for three months with some open-source software to improve its usability. There are nine very interesting projects, have a look at the openings, and apply!

And the winner is…

Posted in internet on August 27th, 2007 by roman

It is official, a majority of the readers of this blog are Firefox users. And why am I writing about this? Because of the striking difference between what the ‘www browsers market share’ reports (like this) say and the stats that I collect through Google Analytics.


Where are all the IE users! Why the proportion of Safari is double comparing to the reports?


Posted in banana, internet on August 23rd, 2007 by roman

It is not that long time since I was admiring one Finnish music video. Today I found that there are more diamonds in the archives. Enjoy!

Cool man, this looks like web 2.0

Posted in internet on May 28th, 2007 by roman

Everything is nowadays web 2.0. If your web-site does not look like “web 2.0″, it’s damned, old, past century. Web 2.0 style, web 2.0 graphics, web 2.0 buttons; web 2.0 pants, maybe there are even web 2.0 light energy drinks, web 2.0 this and web 2.0 that, who knows.

This post is web 2.0, just because it is new. Tomorrow, it will be another story, change the tag.

Give me web 2.0 peace with all the web 2.0 things, please.

Flickr added geotagging…

Posted in internet on August 29th, 2006 by roman

Some days ago, added geotagging. Big thing!

Now a poor user not only gives the traditional tags to photos, but also browses through a map to add the photo to its place of creation. In addition, the yahoo maps suffer from a lot lower resolution comparing to the main competitor (try to find Koli).

Why a camera cannot have a GPS sensor attached to store the information about the place the photos have been taken, similarly as it does with shutter speed, times, etc.? Then any software could read this information as easily as it’s done EXIF. Save the users’ time! Shall I apply for a patent again?

central open contact list

Posted in future, hci, internet on August 21st, 2006 by roman

With all new communication services like skype, accounts on email servers, gadgets like mobile phones, social networking services, I think it becomes quite difficult to keep contacts synchronized. Most of the services used their own proprietary solution, so e.g. one can log into skype anywhere and the skype contact list is automatically downloaded, and after changes also uploaded back to the skype server.

However, synchronizing between different providers and services is not possible at the moment. I therefore propose that there shall be a (yet-another) service that would allow users to maintain the contact list, provide different software and hardware a possibility to download the contacts, make changes, and upload the contact list back. While some security measures need to be adopted, I see no reason why such thing could not exist and be taken into action. For instance, most of the current mobile devices can connect to Internet servers. A simple application that would replace the current address books would just keep the address book fresh.

Let’s not confuse this proposal with a centralized user account and identity. Several companies have tried (e.g. passport from M$) without a greater success.

The communication protocol would be open (though secure), so anybody could write their own clients and plug-ins to any-kind of current software. The format of the contact list would be extensible, to allow an application to add new fields into the database.

Am I being naïve or shall I apply for a patent?

Fighting comment-spam

Posted in internet on August 10th, 2006 by roman

During past week I started to receive more spam, even-though the graphical code tries to tell human commenters from robots. Now I’ve installed a new plugin, so if you experience any problems with comments, please send me an email… or try to comment under this post :)