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Eliot, Jeliot I and Jeliot 2000

What's new?

Jeliot 3.7.2

New features

  • Updated Java Runtime Environment in the windows bundled installer. Now it contains Java 1.5 Runtime Environment.

Bugs fixed

  • Scanner methods which are not supported are correctly reported when trying to executed them.

Jeliot 3.7.1

New features

  • Option to enable or disable garbage collection.
  • All animation areas are cleared in the end of animation (especially constant area's class frames, and instance and arrays area's objects.
  • Stopping the "run until..." in the end of the program.
  • Run until..."'s previously used line is remembered if the program is run again and user is prompted if he wants to continue run until line (switing to edit mode will clear the remembered line)
  • Caret position is remembered when Jeliot moves from edit mode to animation mode.

Bugs fixed

  • Solved an object cast issue (program crashed when casting on assignments)
  • Added constructor declaration highlighting when constructor or super or this is called

Jeliot 3.7.0 "A Scanner Darkly"

New features

  • Added support for java.util.Scanner methods to read from, e.g. new Scanner(
  • Added new visualization for Strings, which can be now seen as objects, in the reference area. Check the Options menu and tick the corresponding entry to try it!

Jeliot 3.6.2 "The Silent release"

New features

  • Input data is now replicated in the console

Bugs fixed

  • Improved input handling
  • Multidimensional arrays bugs fixed
  • Some menu commands where available even though they didn't have any effect at that point.
  • After clicking on edit the text area was not granted focus.
  • Component rendering artefact was shown in the history image when an input panel was shown in it.
  • Find & Replace didn't work correctly in all situations when all the occurences were tried to be replaced.

Jeliot 3.6.1 "The International release"

New features

  • Better support of UTF-8 character sets where special fonts are available. Go to Options and tick the "Save Files In Unicode" options. As we have not been able to test it with many font or character sets, we kindly ask you to report if you are having problems with this feature. Email us to

Jeliot 3.6 "The May Day release"

New features

Bugs fixed

  • Improved array initializers handling.
  • Changed mnemonic for Call Tree.
  • Pre and post increments visualization corrected.
  • NullPointerExceptions reported now as user's error.

Jeliot 3.5.2

New features

  • Printing
  • Ability to start a program with command line parameters, for public static void main(String[] args).
  • Java Web Start version of Jeliot officialy out

Bugs fixed

  • Some problems with object oriented features solved
  • Other bugs fixed

Jeliot 3.5.1


  • Enhance run until with faster execution so that the animation duration will be changed to a very short time while running until a certain line.
  • History view improved, less resources usage.

Bugs fixed:

  • Correct interpretation of all this() method calls.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in this and super method call handling.
  • Fixed a bug related to recursive toString calls.
  • Fixed a bug that related to recursive or otherwise combined method calls such as "method(method2());" which made the call tree visualization incorrect in some cases.
  • Other minor bugs.

Jeliot 3.5.0

New features:

  • 2 and 3 -dimensional arrays (no support for their array initializers).
  • Jeliot 3 interaction with BlueJ improved.
    • Projects now are better loaded, classes dependencies solved.
    • A constructor call is enough to start a visualization.
  • Inheritance calls are now animated in the right order. Support for this and super method calls.
  • Options move to a separate menu
    • Save on compilation: Set it on if you want to have your program automatically saved when pressing "Compile".
    • Ask for method: To start the animation with a method call different than the main method, click here. You will be prompted for a method everytime you press "Compile".
    • Pause on message: Jeliot will pause the animation every time an information message appears on the animation. Useful for presentations, when lecturer wants to explain in more detail why such message appeared.
    • Show history view: This option will enable the history view. Disabling it will make the animation to go faster.
    • Select font: Now you can select the font you want your code to show up.
  • Jeliot options can be modified through properties files in user's home directory (folder ./jeliot).
  • German is now added to the supported languages
  • History view now saves images into HD.
  • Replace '\t' characters with spaces when saving.
  • Maximized window when starting.

Fixed bugs:

  • Static variables handling is corrected.
  • Stepping in constructors is now possible.
  • Internal threads are handled correcly.

Jeliot 3.4.3

Fixed bugs:

  • Class main method was not always recognized.
  • Input methods not always detected.

Thanks to new VisCos students!

Jeliot 3.4.2

  • First international version of Jeliot 3. Menus and messages translated to Finnish, French, and Spanish. If you want Jeliot 3 translated into your language, contact us: Jeliot Team.
  • Now Jeliot benefits from the Java Web Start technology. Check it starting Java through our trial version here!! (Thanks ILIAS team!)
  • Static final variable bug corrected. (Thanks Linda!)
  • Corrected visualization of preincrement and postdecrement. (Thanks Des!)
  • Added buttons to handle the History view.
  • Improved Run Until feature. Now it is possible to stop run until with rewinding the animation or setting the run until line to zero.
  • Input should now have focus always.
  • Better loading resources to ease the embedment of Jeliot 3
  • Possibility to call other than main method at the beginning of the program. More useful when used with the BlueJ extension!!

Jeliot 3.4.0

  • Improved editor with Syntax Highlighting (thanks to JEdit).
  • Array Initializers, speed up.
  • Start Jeliot animation from any method in your class, useful if you don't have a main method.
  • History view, want to repeat the last part of the animation, use the History view.
  • Call Tree view, interested in how recursion works, have a look at the call tree view.
  • Logical operators && || now work in shortcircuit.
  • Improved object-oriented suppor, like Static Field Access.
  • Start Jeliot with a filename as a parameter like "jeliot", it will look first in Examples.

Other new features

  • Support for CASE statements.
  • Run until, just indicate a line and the animation will fast-forward to it.
  • System.out.println and System.out.print support, for the shake of being "standard".