Eliot, Jeliot I and Jeliot 2000

Jeliot 3

Follow the 3 next simple steps to have Jeliot 3 working in your computer

In case you cannot manage to install it , report your problems to us and we will try to find out what is wrong.

Download Jeliot 3

The current version is Jeliot 3.4.3 (27th September 2004)

Install Jeliot 3

Check our latest manuals to install and use Jeliot 3 at the documentation page.

Be aware that Jeliot 3 requires any of the latest Java environments (e.g. J2SE v1.4.2) , available at Sun pages.

To install Jeliot 3 under Windows, you may execute the windows installer provided or you should use a tool like WinZip and extract the contents of one of the zipped files to a folder in your computer (e.g. jeliot3/).

To install Jeliot 3 under Linux, you should enter the following commands into a shell:

  • mkdir jeliot3
  • mv Jeliot3.4.3.zip jeliot3
  • unzip Jeliot3.4.2.zip

Execute Jeliot 3!

The windows installer should have placed some shortcuts in your system, if so you can start Jeliot 3 from them. If not, from the installation directory (e.g. jeliot3) you should type "java -jar jeliot.jar jeliot.Jeliot", however Windows users can double-click on the file named jeliot.bat . This will open the Jeliot window, from there you can follow further instruction by pressing F1 or by clicking on the Help menu on the main bar.