Chess Camera Survey

Chess Camera was previously located in Coffee Room where people actually were playing the game. Now it has been re-located to laboratory "hidden from the eyes" because of strong objection of one person.

Current location
Current location
Previous location
Internet variant Intranet variant Coffee room

The goal of this questionaire is to find out whether this opinion represent the general opinion towards the Chess Camera. As we are in a research institute, one should be able to state some kind of arguments for it. Nevertheless, if necessary, you can fill the form anonymously with/without arguments as you wish. Note that script stores the address of submitting computer so if want to guarantee anonymous, use somebody else's computer.

My opinion about the Chess Camera:

GOOD idea, I like it!
BAD idea, I do not like it!
It hurts my privacy, please keep it away from Coffee room!
Does not concern me.

My reasoning:

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