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April 18, 2013

Good morning Viet...wait, It is a wonderful weather to continue this novel of mine, because it is actually cloudy over here. I think this is the first time I've seen a cloudy sky here in Potchefstroom during these two weeks.

Speaking of weather: I got burned by sun during my second day. What a fool am I! Yes, I didn't use sun protection and I underestimated the power of sun over here. Mainly my shoulders suffered, but they are shiny and in new condition by now! I haven't been able to enjoy the sun that much, since I sit most of the time in the office. Maybe this weekend?
My second day wasn't anything special. I was walking around Potchefstroom and took some pictures. I was trying to find the essentials: market! I now know two markets, and Spar is more affordable. Other than that, I don't remember if I did anything special. Not worth mentioning at least. So lets skip to my third day!
On my third day we actually had braai again. This time it was at some people's house here in Potchefstroom. Very nice people, again. I think that I don't need to say "nice people" anymore, since basically everyone here seems to be nice. Before we arrived to their house, we went to Spar and got something to drink. So this time I had something of my own, but that wasn't even necessary, since they were offering me wine all the time. I don't even drink wine back in Finland, but here I've been drinking it and it's good! Red wine, if you're interested which one. I guess they do have pretty classy wines here. I can't say since I don't know wines.
Unfortunately I don't remember all the names I've heard, but the house belongs to this couple and they have two dogs. The weather was perfect and we were sitting outside talking, drinking and watching how the food was cooked. I think it took almost 4-5 hours to cook it. It was a very long and complicated process and everyone was keen on tasting the food. And yes, it really was worth waiting. Yummy! It actually got dark before we started to eat.
I met there this really lovely woman, who said that her husband(?) or brother(?) lives in Finland and we talked a lot about Finland. I actually have a picture of her, her child and her sister(?). I feel so dumb, since I can't remember these details! I hope they don't mind if I put a picture of them, and everyone else.

She is on the left, her child in the middle (d'uh!) and Jennifer(?) on the right. And you can see a tall guy in the background, who is very cool guy. Not sure how his name is written, but I'd guess it's Tinos or Tines. 

Unfortunately I don't have other photos of that braai with me right now, but I will try to add them later.
Eventually it got late, I was full of food and wine and we had a ride back to our apartment.
My next three days from Monday to Wednesday were basically just working and trying to arrange things in the town, like buying food. Seriously, nothing worth mentioning. Or if there is and I just don't remember, then I shall mention it later!
But Wednesday was a bit more interesting! So it's one week ago. Professor from Finland suddenly came to Potchefstroom! The very one who offered me this opportunity. It was a nice surprise! I met him at the office and we had some talking sessions. Later in the afternoon he took me, Verona (I think she is a secretary here at the office, and she's been in Finland!) and Louise(?) (she's been living in South Africa) to this restaurant called Ruby's, which is located in Parys (50 km from Potch?).
First of all, the landscape was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when we drove there. I wanted to jump out of the moving car, find a big rock and hit my head to it, because I didn't take a camera with me. be honest, they wouldn't have been that great photos, since we were inside the car. Don't know if we stopped for that. But yes, the landscape...*drool*. There were huge hills (almost like little mountains) surrounding us, the sunset with this deep orange/red color that reflected on these hills, long roads down the hills and a long distance view far away to the roads. You could see how the sun was setting behind the hills and the hills were reddish from the sunlight. And open fields by the hills were getting these shadows slowly. It was simply great, and I wished that we'd never get to our destination.
Just when I though that it couldn't get any better, we arrived to Ruby's. WOW! All I can say is WOW! From the outside it wasn't really THAT special. It had a nice garden with glowing green colors, but once we got inside...
You could immediately see that Ruby's was highly classy place. It had lots of deep red colors, lots of flowers, paintings, decorations and relaxing music. It was simply alive place. Not hectic or anything, just peaceful and alive. The staff was really friendly and professional. And the food was melting in your mouth! I was quite hungry, since I hadn't any food since lunch. I ordered this lamb shank, which had mashed potatoes with it. It was surprisingly big, but I had no troubles to eat it! Yummy! As a dessert I had some cream with pieces of berries and waffles. That was extremely beautiful place.
The way back wasn't that special, since it was dark. But we did see whole Potchefstroom with it lights from the hill at some point. It was quite a nice view.
It definitely was a great evening. The next day I was going to Johannesburg, but of that I will tell you more in my next chapter! Got to do something useful here too! I took a lot of pictures in Johannesburg, so I promise you'll get them!

Patience is a virtue!

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April 17, 2013

New day, new tricks!

I was quite tired at the end of my first day in Potchefstroom, so I had absolutely no troubles to fall asleep. But waking up...that was the cold part, literally. People say here that it's colder to be inside the house than outside. It does get pretty chilly in the morning inside the house, but I've got used to it now, I think. And once you get outside you can feel the warm sunshine. Almost forgot to say: we don't have central heating.
My second day basically like this: 40 % at the office, 40 % at the apartment and "braai" (grill party) and 20 % at the bar. It was one of those days that got better and better by the end. At the office I met some people that I work with, saw new places and was informed of what I'm going to do here. To be honest, it was a bit scary, because everyone was suggesting so many things and I was thinking that I really don't have the skills for it. But so far it has been working out pretty nice.
The project I'm doing right now is basically like a learning environment for students. And especially used with mobiles. You can choose a course, and once you've chosen any course you get this menu where you can for instance open reading materials, videos or download something. Right now I've managed to do the material actions, but the download action is quite tricky. It's not just a simple download function, but I'm not going to bore you with it right now. Perhaps a bit later! And they are suggesting couple more projects, and maybe even a bit of teaching.
 Apparently you need to have your own drinks and meat in braai. I didn't know that back then, and I hope they knew that I didn't know! But anyway, the braai was really nice. At first it was a bit difficult for me, since I didn't know these people at all. But eventually I managed to introduce myself to them and talk about different things. I think there was like 10 persons in the braai and about 50 % of them were South African...maybe? But they were really nice people. Later on some of us went to this bar, which is outside the campus. It was pretty nice place. You could sit outside and drink some beer or go inside and dance like a monkey on LSD. There was also some pool tables in some room.
I drank a few beers and I was quite surprised of an impact they had on me. Back in Finland I didn't get that drunk with a beer, but here it was different. Maybe because it was a bit stronger, but it also was pretty good! One of those beers is called "Black Label" and I heard that it is very appreciated beer in the world. But yes, suddenly I was really relaxed and having lots of fun. I even danced that much that I got sweaty and tired. It wasn't a big dance floor, but you could make some space for yourself. And while we were enjoying beers we exchanged some numbers too.
Funny thing happened too: I wanted to buy couple beers for Tarina and Daniel and so I boldly went to the desk and tried to shout for 3 beers. The bartender started to do something and I was thinking "success!", but then my victorious expression on my face faded away and I was looking at the bartender hands, which were pouring some blue stuff into three shots. My brains woke up and I was trying to stop him, but I guess it was too late and I admitted that I failed. But that's not all! Those shots cost like 30 rands (about 3 euros) and I was giving the bartender 300 rands. He looked at the money, then he looked at me, then at other bartender and started to laugh. I was like "woops...", but he did correct my calculations and gave back the rest of my money. And so I returned to my new friends and they were wondering where is the beer. But they did drink the blue stuff, and so did I.
Eventually we had a ride back to our apartment and we went to sleep.

No pictures this time, I'm afraid, but you will get them in the next part, I think.

I guess I should say something about this day. My days from monday to friday mostly are at the office. I start at 8:00 am and end at 4:30 pm. But I did go to gym on my lunch break at 1:00 pm. It was a nice gym and quite big actually. And very affordable, since it's only 7,5 rands per session. When you enter the gym, you have this one big room where you have like hand weights, bench press, squat and lots of those more modern machines. There was also a smaller room with bicycles, treadmills and places for situps and stuff.
Other than that, my day has been mostly at the office working on this project, writing this blog and other things.
50 more minutes and I'm off to make some food and swim in the pool!

Stay tuned for more stories!

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April 16, 2013

No time to lose, so let's get straight to the point, shall we?

My first day at Potchefstroom was very confusing, naturally. Everything was new and I didn't know any places. I had completely different picture of Potchefstroom compared to what I have now. Now I know some places and people, so it isn't that odd anymore. It's pretty fascinating how fast a human being can adapt to a new environment.
Anyhow...Not sure in what order, but we went to take a look at my apartment, registered me as a visitor and went to eat at one restaurant/bar. My apartment seemed okay when I saw it for the first time (now it's great) and we had to open three locks before we got inside. First lock is on the gate just outside the doors. The last two locks are on the doors. First you open this iron door and then the normal door. We also have locks on our rooms' doors. So I have 4 keys to the apartment and 1 key for the bicycle. And 1 more key that I don't know what to use for.
The house itself has two floors and it's basically just a detached house. It has a backyard with a swimming pool and a grill. Also just outside the doors there is a little storage(?) where is a washing machine for clothes and we also keep our bicycles there. Inside the house there is a kitchen, two toilets, one bathroom with a shower and a bathtub, four bedrooms, couple living rooms and god knows what else.

A picture of our kitchen:

A picture of our hallway on the second floor:

A picture of our backyard with a swimming pool:

And you might be wondering why I'm saying "our". Well, at first I thought I'd be living alone, but then I found out that there is a Swedish girl Erika and a Dutch girl Jente living in the same apartment. And I did meet both of them on the same day.
If I recall, Erika has been here for couple months now and she is leaving pretty much at the same time as I am. End of the June, that is. Jente has been here for couple months too I think, and she is going to stay here for one year. But I think Erika was coming back at some point. Like after summer or something.
They are both wonderful people and so full of energy and positive. I feel myself as a walking corpse near them! But now that I've been here for couple weeks and got to know them a bit better, I actually have been more open and talkative. But in any case, I'm not that chatty anywhere, so I guess it's just me. I like to listen rather than talk.

Seems that my work time is ended and I've been invited for a swim. But I'm out of prepaid balance, so I can't answer them. What a shame! Luckily I can jump in the pool on our backyard! Still a lot to say and got to catch up to this week.


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April 15, 2013

Aaaand I'm back! I was in Johannesburg this weekend, so I couldn't write more of this blog. But now that I've returned we shall continue this masterpiece story!

So I met Jacques at the airport and he was the first person in South Africa who showed me that people here are really friendly and they look after you. I was a bit thirsty so he bought me a bottle of water. We didn't stay to see more of this airport, and so we went to this car he was driving. The first thing that I noticed was that the wheel is on the other side (right side). And yes, they drive on the left side too, like the British people. It wasn't that strange and you get used to it pretty fast.
South Africa is quite advanced and you could see it in when we drove out. Big motorways, plenty of new looking cars, huge buildings built with imagination. In some way South Africa's architecture reminds a bit of America's. Mostly the roads. They are long and they go across the fields with hills and sunshine.
The traffic on the roads was a bit hectic from times to times and people here drive more free. They don't seem to follow the rules so strictly. And boy do they have lots of stop signs! When you arrive to a crossroad you basically need to remember who came first and so on. So you go in order.
Distance between Johannesburg and Potchefstroom is over 100 kilometers and it took about one hour to drive there. There was mostly wide fields on the road and occasionally pretty big hills. You could see lots of mining industries, because they've said to me that the world's deepest gold mines are located here. There were some animals too, like cows, and there is supposed to be other animals too, like antelopes (I actually did see one of them later on).
Eventually we arrived to Potchefstroom. My first thought was that it was like a huge campus. It has pretty big campus, but it's only part of the town. The town itself can be compared to towns in Finland, in the matter of size. I'd say that Potchefstroom is a bit bigger than Kuopio. And Kuopio doesn't have palm trees. 
Here is a picture of the street just outside our apartment:

My break time is coming up (yes, I write stuff during my work time too, what a bad boy) and I have to go and manage couple things in the town. Even though there was a weekend break from this blog, it's not dead and I will update it more active this week. I think you will get more stories as early as today. If not published, then at least ready to be published!

Heissan heissan heissulivei!

by Roman Rambonen ( at April 15, 2013 04:51 AM

One week behind.. on Far away from home first blog ever and a bit late one too. I was supposed to start this blog one week ago, but I guess I had too much to do.

I'm going to quickly just tell what this blog is all about. Last month I decided to go to South Africa for student exchange program for 3 months. We were offered this opportunity in our school last year before Christmas. At that time the destination was different but this year I got a second opportunity and so I grabbed it with my shaking hands.
This program is mainly for IT students, as far as I know, and basically it is about projects done with the international and local people. I will tell more about this project I'm doing later on.
With this blog I'm trying to develop my writing skills in English, record my journey and share it with people. Especially with my friends and family.

Then something about myself. I come from Finland, where the Santa Claus is supposed to live and the winter is way too long. Now that I'm in South Africa you'd think I don't have to worry about it, but unfortunately I entered South Africa in it's winter season. Or upcoming winter season to be precise. But still, no snow thank god! It is a long way from Finland to South Africa and it took quite a bit time to get here. I don't know how, but I slept most of the time in the airplanes. Good for me I guess! Back in Finland I live in a town called Kuopio which is a nice town in my opinion. I study computer science in the university of Eastern Finland and this would be my second year doing it. I'm a 23-year-old guy and I've been living in Finland almost my whole life. Originally I was born in Estonia. But I don't know the language of Estonia though. I do know Russian language since my parents are from Russia. I will try to tell more about myself while I write about the happenings in here so it would be more interesting to read.

Now the main course...How I've been here in South Africa during my first week? The first day was a wacko! Alright, too much exaggerating, but still...a bit confusing. I arrived from London to Johannesburg on Thursday 4th of April and I felt a bit tired and hungry. I was nervous and wasn't quite sure if someone was really waiting for me at the airport to drive me to the campus in Potchefstroom. I got my luggage, exchanged some money and found my way to the main hall. There were lots of people with signs and names written on them. I spotted my name pretty quickly and was a bit relieved. The man that was holding the sign is called Jacques and he works here in Potchefstroom campus in IT department. Right from the start he was a very nice person with a great sense of humor and relaxed attitude. Everyone here seems to have this very relaxed attitude and I'm almost the opposite. I always think too much or plan things way before they happen. Maybe it's not a bad thing sometimes, but to be like that all the time...not so good.

Right, now I have to continue working and yet I have so much to tell. Unfortunately we don't have the Internet in our apartment, but I guess I could write offline and just paste it here when I have the connection. I will tell more about the previous week and of course this week.


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April 11, 2013

Vietnam on Vietnam 22.2-21.5.2013

This chapter is more or less dedicated to people who do not know me. So my name is Markus and I am 24 years old student from University of Eastern Finland. My major is Information Technology. I came to Vietnam as an exchange student and my task is get to know local culture, people and of course do studies in here. I’m going to be here for 3 months totally and now I have been here for 1,5 months so I crossed the half way mark already. In here I am studying in Nong Lam University. Time has gone so fast and feels like I haven’t done all the things I want to do here, but luckily I have time left. Although I have done a lots of thing in here as you might noticed from the previous post.

Nong Lam University

I’m quite busy during the week since Monday and Wednesday I’m working for a full day(from 8 p.m. to 17.30 p.m.) and Friday I’m working for half day(from 8 p.m. to 12 in TMA Solutions. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I’m usually doing studies related to project and the course I’m attending to. In Sunday I try to rest and relax for the next week. And of course sometimes I visit places during the weekend for example the trip to Vung Tau beach 2 weeks ago.

This Wednesday we started to implement our application in TMA. I have had some difficulties with my teammates since they cannot speak English very well so it is very hard to discuss about our application with body language. But somehow we managed to design our application and finish all documents for it. And now it is time to implement so we don’t have to discuss and plan that much so it is easier for me(or maybe it is easier for my teammates). We are going to present our application in 10th on May so we don’t have much time left to finish our app. I think we are going to be busy with it.

The project in my university has started and actually we have started to implement already thanks to Mr. Nga who is giving a huge effort to the project. And also I’m starting to know how does the application works since we are using JSF framework which I’m not familiar with before I came here. It is framework for developing web applications. This week we had a long chat with Nga and after that I felt like I know what are we doing and how are we doing it. Also I’m relieved about the paper(which I mentioned in previous post) since Mr. Thien said that he will help me with writing. But now that I know details of our app I think I am able to write a lot of text also by myself.

I will update you about my jobs later on when we proceed.

I have had a lot of fun with the French people in here. We have played a lot of volleyball with them against Vietnamese people. But we must improve our skills if we want to beat Vietnamese. Also it is nice to have friends who I can chat and hang around with. They are also busy during the day time but we usually do things in the evening for example have a dinner and play volleyball.

This morning I received an invitation from Mr. Thien to join with him and he’s family to Vung Tau beach this weekend and of course I will join with them. I’m looking forward to this trip. Maybe I can capture some awesome pictures for the next post.

Maybe next post will be more interesting to the people outside field of IT since this post was mainly related to my projects in here.

I must attach at least couple of pictures to this post otherwise this looks too boring.

View from the guest house gates

Blue headed lizard

Block where I am staying

by Markus Miettinen ( at April 11, 2013 05:10 AM

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April 05, 2013

Exotic Vietnam on Vietnam 22.2-21.5.2013

I finally started writing the blog. At the beginning I decided that I would write the blog while being in Vietnam but I found out that the internet is working well and I can connect to my girlfriend, family and friends easily so I don’t need to write a blog at all. But there is much more people who is interested about my trip than people I know so that’s why I decided to start writing this. Better late than never.

First of all I would like to introduce you couple of people I’m going to mention in my blog posts. Mr. Thien is like my “supervisor” in here. He’s been helping me a lot with everything and he’s done all the arrangements for me in here. Nga is a 4th  year student in Nong Lam university and we hang out a lot since he can speak English.

I arrived at Vietnam in 22.2.2013. It was 6 pm when I arrived and weather was still very warm. When I left from Finland there was -15 C and snow all over. Student named Quock picked me up from airport and we started our way to Nong Lam university guest house. When I arrived my room I immediately got a new roommate, lizard. Lizards are normal in here but at the beginning I was afraid of the lizards since it is not normal in Finland that there are lizards walking inside the room.

Next morning Nga and Tan came to pick me up from my room and we went took a tour in campus area. We looked around the campus area and students introduced me the places where to eat and buy goods. While we walked in campus I noticed that people are staring at me and whispering to each others. I asked about that from my friends and they told that people are just excited to see foreigner since there is not much (or at all) foreigners in this area.

Everything is so different in here than in Finland, food, people, weather and everything. I really like people in here, they are so friendly and they are doing everything that I feel good in here. Also I think people in here are extra polite to me since I’m a foreigner for example I went by bus at and one guy gave me he’s seat to me since all the seats were taken. I think the food is only thing that is not so different compared to Finland but of course in here people eat lots of rice and noodles. But all the fruits and drinks are different. My favorite drinks are Sugar Can(made of sugar grass) and Coconut shake(made of milk, ice and coconut). Weather is hot! Now after one month I’m getting use to the weather but I think I have been sweating for one month in a row by now :D But now my body is getting use to this weather and weather does not feel that hot anymore.

At the beginning of my trip I had a lot of free time and get to know the place and the people in here. Second Sunday we went to downtown. We visited at War Museum, Independence palace, Ben thanh market and Bitexo building.

War Museum
Independence palace
Bitexo building

Third week I went to Phan Thiet City. Professor in Nong Lam university invited me to go there with him. It was so beautiful place!! As you can see photos below.

In Phan Thiet I had a small vacation. Only thing I had to do was to participate the marketing of the Phan Thiet university. We went couple of high schools near Phan Thiet and staff of Phan Thiet told about university and I had a small speech at high schools. I don’t think people at the country side have never seen a foreigner people since everybody was staring at me and yelling to me. I felt like a rock star while being there :D Since Phan Thiet is by the sea I was able to swim there. We went for a walk almost every morning with my professor at the beach and sometimes we swam at the sea. Water was cold at 6 am but at noon it is much warmer. Trip in Phan Thiet is getting draws to an end and I have a final lunch there. I have tuna for a lunch. After lunch I went to my room and then it started, I started vomiting and I had a fever and a diarrhea. Thank god people are friendly in here so professors in Phan Thiet helped me and I had some medicine from Mr. Thien.

Last weekend we went to Vung Tau beach, it is south of Ho Chi Minh. I went there with my friends from the internship(more about the internship below). It was very exotic experience. First of all we went there by scooters, it took 3,5 hours to go there by scooter. When we arrived Vung Tau we went for a swim, after 5 minutes of swimming I felt like something was burning my leg and I looked at the water and I saw a lot of small jelly fishes. Night was falling and I started to ask about the place where we are going to be over night and they said that at the beach… I was shocked :D But it was interesting experience to sleep at the beach under the sky. Even though I didn't sleep very well since the sand was not the best mattress to sleep on. At the morning we went to harbor and bought a lot of seafood like shrimps and squid. After eating we went to Vung Tau city and then we started our way back to Ho Chi Minh City.

I have had some difficulties in here also like with the ATM. I tried to withdraw money from ATM and the ATM took my credit card and I had to pick it up from the bank. Mr. Thien saved me again, he borrowed me some money so I could buy food and other goods that I need and he also helped me to get my card back. It took a long time for my stomach get use to all the bacteria in here but it is also my fault since I didn’t took any medicine for that. Also I had some difficulties with English. Well actually I don’t have problems but local students have. Level of English knowledge is not very good in here. But I have couple of friends from my faculty who I can discuss with. I must use body language to order food and some other things. At the beginning I tried to study some Vietnamese but I discovered that the pronouncing is so much different than for example in English or Finnish so I have not learned very much Vietnamese while being here. And also I have a lots of activities related to studies and the internship so I don’t think I have time to study Vietnamese.

When I arrived here I didn’t know anything about the internship. Mr. Thien proposed to me that I should apply for the internship in TMA solutions and I did. TMA accepted me for internship and I was very excited!! Internship is great opportunity for me and now I have real experience from IT and software production. We are doing application which uses P2P-network to share files. Also I’m attending the project in my university. We are developing a mistake chasing game which helps students to improve their programming skills. My part in this project is to design UI and write the paper about the project. I’m a bit afraid of the writing process since I haven’t been writing any scientific papers even in Finnish and now I must write scientific paper in English. Also I’m going to have a presentation about our project at Koli Conference in November. I am really excited about this opportunity and this will help me for my future studies and I hope after this project I have a chance to participate many projects related to educational technologies and Vietnam.

Yesterday 6 French exchange students came to guest house and we had a long chat. I'm really happy since now I have more friends in here and they all seems very friendly. Last night they invited me for a drink. They are going to be here for 3 months so I think I'm going to hang out a lot with them.

This was a long post and there is still lots of things I didn't write here but maybe on later posts I will return to these issues. I hope you all read this post through. Future posts is not going to be this long so don’t be afraid. I’m going to update my blog once a week. Keep in touch!


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April 03, 2013

ECSE Summer course: Scientific Presentation Skills on RSS Feed - Home

ECSE Summer Course: Scientific Presentations Skills by Jean-Luc Leburn, at Science Park, Joensuu, June 10-12, 2013 The course is highly recommended for all Phd students. For more information, please visit

April 03, 2013 01:10 PM

edTech & IISS Research Day - April 2013 on RSS Feed - Home

The fourth edTech & IISS Research Day in year 2013 will be held Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 14-16 at the edTech lab, School of Computing. The presentations will be given by Myriam Munezero, Martti Havukainen The tentative schedule of the research day can be found from:

April 03, 2013 01:09 PM

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March 28, 2013

New IMPDET-LE students on RSS Feed - Home

Several new students enrolled to the IMPDET-LE studies in year 2013. The following seven new students representing five different countries have been enrolled to the IMPDET-LE studies during year 2013. Faculty of Science and Forestry (Major subject: Computer Science) Serkan Baykusoglu, UK, Topic: Transforming education through technology-enhanced learning: The use of Tablet PCs in secondary education and the impact on learning and teaching Martti Havukainen, Finland, Topic: The Brricks game as learning tool Jaakko Helminen, Finland, Topic: Educational trans-disciplinary ICT in the content of holistic community climate services Veronica Omeni, UK, Topic: Developing cultural awareness and intercultural communication skills through on-line interaction and instructional web-based technology in an educational context Josephat O. Oroma, Tanzania, Topic: Improving programming education in a developing country: A case of Tumaini University - Iringa Pham Cong Thien, Vietnam, Improving teaching of programming at Faculty of Information Technology, Nong Lam University, Vietnam Faculty of Philosophy (Major subject: Education) Elena Koukonidou, Cyprus, Blended learning as a method for the development of critical literacy in elementary schools: An empirical research in Greek language lesson --Jarkko

March 28, 2013 08:18 AM

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March 14, 2013

edTech & IISS research day March 2013 on RSS Feed - Home

The third edTech & IISS Research Day in year 2013 will be held Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 10-12 at the edTech lab, School of Computing. Presentations will be given by Andrés Moreno, Antti Rantaeskola and Yue Dai The tentative schedule of the research day can be found from:

March 14, 2013 01:30 PM

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March 05, 2013

IMPDET-LE Checklist for Writing Papers on RSS Feed - Home

Preliminary IMPDET-LE Check list for writing has been published in the IMPDET-LE Wiki. The checklist can be found at:

March 05, 2013 12:54 PM

IMPDET-LE Preparatory workshop: March 11-15 on RSS Feed - Home

The very first IMPDET-LE preparatory workshop for IMPDET-LE PhD student candidates is held March 11-March 15, 2013 at the Science Park, Joensuu. The aims of the IMPDET-LE preparatory workshop are to introduce the IMPDET-LE studies and to the Finnish higher education tradition to discuss about the expected and required competences of a PhD student in University of Eastern Finland, and in particularly in the IMPDET-LE study programme to introduce the services provided by UEF to doctoral students to get acquainted with IMPDET-LE staff and supervisor candidates to refine the research proposal and to create a plan for the first article related to the PhD studies The schedule of the preparatory workshop can be found from the IMPDET-LE Wiki pages:

March 05, 2013 12:33 PM

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February 14, 2013

edTech & IISS research day February 2013 on RSS Feed - Home

The second edTech & IISS Research Day in year 2013 will be held Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 10-12 at the edTech lab, School of Computing. Presentations will be given by Kaisa Pihlainen-Bednarik, Jaakko Helminen and Ilkka Jormanainen The tentative schedule of the research day can be found from:

February 14, 2013 12:35 PM

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January 30, 2013

IMPDET-LE Symposium: Cultural Challenges for e-learning on RSS Feed - Home

Date: February 4-5, 2013 Where: Science Park, Joensuu. Presentations given by: Ms. Veronica Omeni, Prof. Lesley Wood, Prof. Emeritus Reijo Heinonen and Prof. Jan Pawlowski. More information from the website of the symposium:

January 30, 2013 11:03 AM

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January 24, 2013

IMPDET-LE Doctoral Defense on RSS Feed - Home

The doctoral dissertation of IMDPET-LE student MSc. Joseph Kizito Bada will be examined at the Faculty of Science and Forestry, Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 12:00. Details of the public examination Candidate: Msc. Joseph Kizito Bada Dissertation: Integrating Digital Learning Objects for HIV/AIDS Prevention: A Contextualized Approach Opponent: Prof. Lesley Wood, North-West University, South Africa Custodian: Prof. Erkki Sutinen, School of Computing, UEF Time: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 12:00 Place: Louhela Auditorium, Science Park, Joensuu

January 24, 2013 03:22 PM

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January 22, 2013

edTech & IISS Research Day - January 2013 on RSS Feed - Home

The first edTech & IISS Research Day in year 2013 will be held Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 10-12 at the edTech lab, School of Computing. Presentations will be given by Josephat O. Oroma, Jyri Kemppainen and Tersia //Gowases The tentative schedule of the research day can be found from:

January 22, 2013 11:42 AM

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January 20, 2013

changes….. on CAIS » edtech

much is happening and it has not been time to write. I will actualize in the next post later next week. However for the moment I should inform that my university email is having some troubles. Due to this, if … Continue reading

by cislas at January 20, 2013 07:13 PM

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December 12, 2012

working and enjoying in Finland on CAIS » edtech

Week 50 Joensuu, Finland This is a post dedicated to our dear friend Marcus, who has inspired us to enjoy life at its maximum Let me explain. Often people that care about me tells me that I should relax. The … Continue reading

by cislas at December 12, 2012 02:31 PM

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December 02, 2012

my game experience with: rüsselbande on CAIS » edtech

Week 48 Joensuu, Finland Since long my internal voice tells me: write in your blog about the games you play. Ok, the idea is cool! Specially because the games one plays as the books one reads and the people one … Continue reading

by cislas at December 02, 2012 02:09 PM