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Science Park:

The conference will take place in Iringa in south-central Tanzania. Currently, the first East-African science park for business and academic collaboration is being built at the premises of Tumaini University in Iringa (see above). First day of the conference will be held with invited keynote speakers and conference speakers in the science park. Also, poster and demonstration sessions will take place during the first day in the central meeting area of the science park. Work is being performed to attract the Tanzanian president to give the opening of TEDC'2006.

Outreach programme:

The second day of the conference is dedicated to an outreach programme for the participants, during which there will be visits to local, private and governmental schools, hospitals, and orphanages in rural areas in order to obtain first hand experience and inspiration for TEDC issues. Students from Tumaini University having performed studies at these schools and hospitals will demonstrate their work and there will be plenty of opportunities for interactions with students, teachers, nurses, doctors, children, etc. This should provide inspiration to the participants for the evening discussion (in Ruaha River Lodge - see below) on how to progress in development of technology for educational purposes and local business in developing countries.

Ruaha River Lodge:

The third day of conference will take place at Ruaha River Lodge (see photo top of page 1) in the Ruaha National Park. There will be arrival in the afternoon on the second day, when there will be chance to go on a game drive to see hippos, elephants, girafs, zebras, lions, crocodiles, kudus, buffalos, monkeys, eagles, etc. In the evening there will be dinner and discussion on the outreach programme for future technology for education, rehabilitation, business, etc. in development countries at the Ruaha River Lodge. During the third day, there will be regular conference sessions with oral presentations at the premises of Ruaha River Lodge. For those waking up early, there may be a chance for a walking safari in the early morning before breakfast