Welcome to TekMyst!

Museum of Technology in Helsinki has much information and knowledge available to share with you, dear visitor. This summer we are testing TekMyst, a tool to deliver and exchange information between you and our museum.

The main goal of TekMyst is to support you to have a more enjoyable time while visiting our museum, and get the most out of your visit. TekMyst is a pervasive mobile game, and right now it is a prototype. In order to keep on developing it further according to your needs we want to invite you to test it and give your honest opinion about it.

We look forward to seeing you, and remember to check this page every now and then for more news about TekMyst.

Development team Ubique Lab


    Players and Ants won by 855 points.

    As a result the ants will surive next winter, thanks to all the players!

  • Public test - August 26-31th.

  • Test prototype - July 17th.

  • Content delivery June 20th.