About TekMyst

TekMyst challenges the attention of the visitors while making use of the physical objects that are displayed in the museum. This is done by four different approaches.

  • First game approach invites the player to gather points by resolving queries supported by the surrounding clues. It goes beyond just finding an object; instead the game plays with the relevant information related to diverse objects. While the correct answers to the questions may be known beforehand by some, new visitors are expected to find the challenge of discovering the object in the question and the correct answer enjoyable.
  • Second game approach, usually played after the first approach, invites the players to show their expertise in the museum content and score against time.
  • Third game approach supports personal expression of the players by allowing them to take pictures of the exposition and add to comment on them. In other words, through these impressions as we call them, players share and leave a trace of what for him or her is relevant in the museum.

  • Finally, a special feature allows players to help each other via interactive help feature. In the TekMyst help system, player A can request player B to help with solving an enigma. If player B succeeds helping player A, points are rewarded to both players.


    Players and Ants won by 855 points.

    As a result the ants will surive next winter, thanks to all the players!

  • Public test - August 26-31th.

  • Test prototype - July 17th.

  • Content delivery June 20th.