Recognition for the Work Done for the Ant Kingdom

The ants of the special kingdom, as a recognition for their efforts in year 2008, offer an honorary title to the human team who made TekMyst possible.

  • Ubique Lab:
  • Carolina A. Islas-Sedano
    Honorary dreamer adventurous ant, who had the responsibility to create crazy ideas and to keep the honorary ant colony together in harmony, transforming challenges into opportunities. In addition, she created the visual digital interface between humans and the ant kingdom (in mobile and internet platform).

    Mikko Vinni
    Honorary reflective ant, who thoughtfully invested his efforts in ensuring a technically high-quality and robust infrastructure for proper communication between humans and ants (mobile and internet).

    Teemu H. Laine
    Honorary discipline and traveller ant, who had the fastest speed of the human colony not only in technical knowledge (mobile and internet) but as well on giving insights in practical matters with vision on the future.

  • Museum of Technology of Helsinki
  • Leenu Juurola
    Honorary trainer ant, who had the challenge to create effective quality content to be delivered. In addition, her skills in sowing the seed of change for better along the paths of everyone has proved to be excellent.

    Riina Linna
    Honorary phatic ant, who with her good energy supported the publicity of the honourable colony. In addition, her creative ideas with regards to the polishment of final details were always found to be both enlightening and well-thought.

  • Sie Expressions
  • Georgina Schweikert Islas
    Honorary graphical ant,who was the visual expert of the colony designing all the graphics. Her devotion to keeping the quality of colours and images high was essential in the success of making ants and humans feel united, and therefore in the knowledge transmission between both parties.


    Players and Ants won by 855 points.

    As a result the ants will surive next winter, thanks to all the players!

  • Public test - August 26-31th.

  • Test prototype - July 17th.

  • Content delivery June 20th.