SciFest News

Dear Workshops' organizers!

Dear Workshops' organizers! We will send you email on next week concerning information about the workshops.

Registration to workshops

The registration to workshops starts on Wednesday 12.3.2008 at noon and ends on Tuesday 8.4.2008.

The SciFest®-event was awarded by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

The SciFest®-event has been granted for 95 000 euros by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation. Link to The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and to the news (in finnish).

Unit for Development Policy Information of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of

Unit for Development Policy Information of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland comes in to SciFest®.

ENO is a winner of The Global Junior Challenge Awards

ENO-Environment Online was one of the winners in the Global Junior Challenge Awards. Out of 600 projects from 80 countries, an international jury selected 100 as a finalists. These projects were presented in the Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale Galileo Galilei.

Space Colony in SciFest®

School from Constanza, Romania, presents space colony that they designed in SciFest®. Their work was awarded in NASA's international space colony design competition.

SciFest® Becomes More International

Ten countries have confirmed their participating in SciFest® 2008. Counrtires that send groups to SciFest® and ENO conference are Croatia, Greece, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Romania, Slovenia, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. More confirmations coming soon.

Abloy, Karjalainen and InFotonics Center Comes in SciFest®

Abloy, Karjalainen and InFotonics Center devotes to SciFest® again. More information regarding workshops coming soon...

Visitors From China

Yvonne Xu, from Foreign Affairs Office of Fudan University (Shanghai, China) visited SciFest on 15.8.

The Workshop Registration Form

The Workshop registration form will also be on our webpages very soon!

Bring your own ideas to SciFest!


Advisory Board

Members of advisory board:

  • The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK: Director General Leif Fagernäs, Specialist Aira Viita, deputy member Specialist Timo Hahtala
  • Helsingin Sanomat: Chief Editor Reetta Meriläinen
  • Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus: Director Per-Edvin Persson, deputy member Special Planner Mirja Rosenberg
  • State Provincial Officer of Eastern Finland: Governor Pirjo Ala-Kapee, deputy member Director of Education and Culture Eija Pääkkö
  • City of Joensuu: Mayor Juhani Meriläinen
  • University of Joensuu/Faculty of Education: Rector Heikki Happonen, deputy member Lecturer Kari Sormunen
  • University of Joensuu/Faculty of Science: Director Markku Hauta-Kasari, deputy member professori Markku Tukiainen
  • University of Joensuu/Faculty of Forestry: Head of Administration Kaisa Laitinen, deputy member Senior Assistant Katri Luostarinen
  • University of Joensuu/Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science and Statistics: Head of Department, Professor Erkki Sutinen
  • Karjalainen: Chief Editor Pekka Mervola
  • The Chair of the Kids' Club: Chair Marjo Virnes
  • The Association of Biology and Geography Teachers r.a.: Kaija Keski-Honkola, Saku Punkari
  • MAOL ry: Authorized representative is named later.
  • Finnish Forest Research Institute/Joensuu Research Unit: The Head of the research unit Jari Parviainen, deputy member professor Tuula Nuutinen
  • The Finnish National Board of Education: Director General Kirsi Lindroos, deputy member Counsellor of Education Marja Montonen
  • Save the Children Finland: Secretary General Hanna Markkula-Kivisilta
  • North Karelia University of Applied Sciences: President Vesa Saarikoski, deputy member Vice President Raimo Saarelainen
  • North Carelian Chamber of Commerce: Chairman of the Committee Harri Broman
  • Regien of North Karelia: Executive Director Pentti Hyttinen, deputy member Planning Director Risto Poutiainen
  • Employment and Economic Development Centre for North Karelia: The Head of the Technology Unit, Technology Specialist Kalevi Pölönen, deputy member Technology Specialist Kari Korhonen
  • North Karelian Enterprisers: Organization Secretary Merja Blomberg, deputy member Managing Director Jouni Mönkkönen
  • Academy of Finland: President Raimo Väyrynen, deputy member Communications Director Maj-Lis Tanner
  • Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund: Director Antti Hautamäki
  • TEKES, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation: Debuty Director General Martti af Heurlin, deputy member Senior Technology Adviser Kalevi Pölönen
  • Technology Industries of Finland: Specialist, School and Enterprise Collaborator Pirkko Pitkäpaasi
  • TIEKE, Finnish Information Society Development Centre: Executive Director Aatto J. Repo, deputy member Product Manager Merja Sjöblom
  • University of Pretoria, South Africa: Professor Johannes Cronje
  • Åbo Akademi: Professor em. Bengt Stenlund, deputy member Licentiate in Technology Mona Grönstrand
  • Finnish Association of Career Counsellors: Chairman Heli Piikkilä
  • Finnish Society for Computer Science: Professor Jukka Paakki, deputy member professor Lea Kutvonen

Rector of the University of Joensuu Perttu Vartiainen is the chairman of the advisory board.

Strategic Group

Members of the strategic group:

  • Head of the Department of Computer Science and Statistics, professor Erkki Sutinen, University of Joensuu, chairman of the strategic group
  • Senior Assistant Ilkka Jormanainen, University of Joensuu
  • Honorary Councillor Matti Halonen
  • Rector Heikki Happonen, University of Joensuu
  • Executive Planning Officer Elina Hartikainen, University of Joensuu
  • Executive Planning Officer Kirsi Karjalainen, University of Joensuu
  • Executive Planning Officer Timo Rui, University of Joensuu
  • Teacher Mika Vanhanen, Town of Joensuu
  • Rector Timo Vattulainen, Town of Lieksa
  • Project Manager Marjo Virnes, University of Joensuu
  • Specialist, School and Enterprise Collaborator Pirkko Pitkäpaasi