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Dear Workshops' organizers!

Dear Workshops' organizers! We will send you email on next week concerning information about the workshops.

Registration to workshops

The registration to workshops starts on Wednesday 12.3.2008 at noon and ends on Tuesday 8.4.2008.

The SciFest®-event was awarded by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

The SciFest®-event has been granted for 95 000 euros by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation. Link to The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and to the news (in finnish).

Unit for Development Policy Information of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of

Unit for Development Policy Information of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland comes in to SciFest®.

ENO is a winner of The Global Junior Challenge Awards

ENO-Environment Online was one of the winners in the Global Junior Challenge Awards. Out of 600 projects from 80 countries, an international jury selected 100 as a finalists. These projects were presented in the Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale Galileo Galilei.

Space Colony in SciFest®

School from Constanza, Romania, presents space colony that they designed in SciFest®. Their work was awarded in NASA's international space colony design competition.

SciFest® Becomes More International

Ten countries have confirmed their participating in SciFest® 2008. Counrtires that send groups to SciFest® and ENO conference are Croatia, Greece, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Romania, Slovenia, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. More confirmations coming soon.

Abloy, Karjalainen and InFotonics Center Comes in SciFest®

Abloy, Karjalainen and InFotonics Center devotes to SciFest® again. More information regarding workshops coming soon...

Visitors From China

Yvonne Xu, from Foreign Affairs Office of Fudan University (Shanghai, China) visited SciFest on 15.8.

The Workshop Registration Form

The Workshop registration form will also be on our webpages very soon!

Bring your own ideas to SciFest!

Welcome to SciFest 2008 event! SciFest is arranged second time in Joensuu Arena 16.-19.4.2008. It is free of charge to take a part of SciFest 2008.

Daily Schedule

16.4.20089.00 a.m.The Official Opening, schools and teachers are welcome!
10.00 a.m.Workshops start up
3.00/4.00 p.m.*The end of the first day
17.4.20089.00 a.m.Workshops start up
3.00/4.00 p.m.*The end of the second day
18.4.20089.00 a.m.Workshops start up
2.00/3.00 p.m.*The end of the third day
* The ending time of each day depends on how long the workshops will run.
19.4.2008“The Science enters the city” – Popular culture and programme all over the city of Joensuu.
NB! On Saturday there won't be any workshops at Joensuu Arena!

The Enrollment to workshops

On 16.–18.4. majority of workshops require preliminary enrolment. We kindly ask that teachers would enrol the students to wanted workshops.

The Idea of SciFest 2008 event

The purpose of SciFest 2008 is to increase children's and youngsters' interest in science and technology. We hope, that through the event they would see the industry as possibility for a future career. SciFest 2008 differs from conventional exhibitions where the audience usually don't take a part of making the event. Our idea is that without the youngsters who take a part of the workshops, we wouldn't have SciFest! Concerning this, we hope that all the attendees would be active and opend-minded when they take a part of the event!


The attendees have a possibility to eat at Joensuu Arena. We will inform about the prices and menus later. It is also possible to eat own packed lunch at Arena.

Additional information

Please keep your eye on our website! We are updating it at every turn!