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Sami Khuri Comes to Joensuu

Professor Sami Khuri comes to Joensuu to keep Bioinformatics workshop 22.–23.3.

Nokia Sponsors SciFest

Nokia brings N80 Internet Edition mobile phones to mobile phone workshop at SciFest.

Workshop registration is started!

Workshop registration is started. Only in finnish.

SciFest Breefing tue 2/6/2007

Welcome to SciFest breefing to Joensuu tuesday 2/6/2007 at 11:00. Place is AU300 (Aurora building, 3rd floor).

Details about the workshops

Details about the workshops are coming 2/26/07.


Scifest mainly consist of workshop, which needs preliminary enrolment. Enrolment is only in finnish. Threre is also workshops which do not need preliminary enrolment. One can participate in those workshop if there is room. Click here to see detailed program.


Build a Robot

In the Build a Robot workshop participants build LEGO NTX -robots in co-operation with their partners and program robots by using LEGO NXT programming environment.

Build a Robot

In the Build a Robot 2 workshop participants build LEGO RCX -robots in co-operation with their partners and program robots by using LEGO RIS programming environment.

Challenge Editorial Staff of the Newspaper KARJALAINEN: The SciFest article for the following day Karjalainen newspaper is made live at the event.

Electronic publishing and making newspaper atricle to KARJALAINEN on 23rd and 24th of March.

Air-cushioned track

Acceleration mesurement and the properties of motion.

Music workshop

Do you want to make your own music without any playing skills within one hour? GarageBand helps you. You and your partner can try making music by using computer and synthesizer. You get your own made music with you on CD or in MP3 after the workshop has finished.

How many globes do you need for living?

What is an ecological footprint. How is it measured? How can you affect your own footprint? Become acquainted with the issue in international company, chat and hear the experiences of kids and youngsters of the issue live in Skype.

Build a Telescope

One can study reflection and refraction of light, how image is formed and other subjets that are related in optics in this workshop.

Enzymes as a Tools in a Cells and Industry

Without enzymes life-support reactions happens too slowly or not at all in a cells. In this workshop, one can study how and what kind of conditions enzymes works. Enzymes are also used in industry, but why?

About the Electricity

You can study basics of electricity and magnetics in this workshop. Via observation, reasoning and explanations studens build knowledge about basics of electricity. Students gets also familiar with more advanced phenomena at the end of workshop.

Bioinformatics Workshop for High School Students

Bioinformatics is the science of developing computer databases and algorithms for the purpose of speeding up and enhancing biological research. The main purpose of the workshop is to introduce high school students to:

  1. DNA and protein databases on the Internet, and
  2. Bioinformatics tools to perform basic analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences, such as pairwise and multiple alignments, and viewing 3-dimensional protein structures.

The secondary objective of the workshop is to:

  1. help students understand that technology is a means of solving a problem, and
  2. convey to students the purpose of scientific research, and
  3. help students realize that computers can be used for activities other than on-line chatting, e-mailing, and playing computer games.

Sami Khuri's homepage.

Bioinformatics Workshop for High School Biology Teachers

Bioinformatics is the field of science, in which biology, computer science, and information technology merge into a single discipline. The main goal of Bioinformatics is to store, compare, retrieve, analyze or predict the composition or the structure of biomolecules. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce some of the bioinformatics tools, databases, and methods. The workshop attendees will use computers to perform some basic bioinformatics tasks.

Sami Khuri's homepage.

Soduko Workshop

Come and beat Sodoku! Play Sudokus in a four ability groups.

The Beauty of Mathematics

Mathematics is beautiful! In this workshop you can concretize it with textiles, colored pencils, papers etc.

Security Technology

Assemble and win a padlock! Mount a lock to the "door"! Find how motorized lock works!

Web Programming Workshop

Adventure Game Almost Accidentally

Come to write story to adventure game. In this three hour workshop, participants writes story for small adventure game and creates small networked version of it. You don't need any special skills. You just have to know what is keyboard and mouse, and you know how to you them.

Game programming for mobile phones

The workshop is divided in three phases. On the first one the participants will play the role of game designers. The next step is brief explanation of the programming tool that will be use for the implementation of their games. And finally program their games and test them on the mobile phones.

Color, Light and Spectrum

Does light have effect on how we see colors? What is spectrum and does it have something to do with color and light? How cashier checks bills? Yuo find answers to these questions if you come to this workshop.


Me Games

Different kinds of games, in which winning is less important than discovering your own abilities. The games require communication and interaction, strategy and tactics, creativity and innnovation as well as co-operation, crisis management and problem solving! They are not computer games and they can´t be played alone. Just like in real life, the most exciting games are played between people and insede one´s own head.


Human Genome Project and Bioinformatics

Sami Khuri's homepage.


RoboCupJunior, the Finnish Championship of Robot football, robot dance and rescue robots, is held 22.–23.3. Categories are 1-1 robot football (classes are 14 year old and younger ), 2-2 robot football (15–18 year old ), dance (open for everyone) and rescue (open for everyone).

Football and dance tournaments follows international rules. Sports ground in rescue category may differ from international sports ground.

RoboCap, where participants can tune their robots for the tournament, is held in the same time with tournament.

Registrations to Ilkka Jormanainen (ilkka.jormanainen(at) by 4.3.2007. Email following information to Ilkka:

  • School's name
  • Team's Caretaker's contact information (name, address, phone number, email address)
  • Team's name and category
  • Names and years of birth of each team member
  • Other participants (teachers, parents)
  • Need of accommodation (number of adult's, kids', boys' and girls')

Rules: May change. Check for updates.

  • Football:
  • Rescue:
International RoboCupJunior: