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Preliminary Program

Information for speakers:

* Oral presentations

The length of the presentation is 15 mins + 5 mins for discussions,
in total 20 mins. Please do not prepare too many slides.

A computer and a data projector are available. Please contact if you need further equipment.

* Poster presentations

Please note that the presentation area is 115 cm (height) x 95 cm (width).
Please contact if you need further information.

Sunday June 19th, 2005

9:00 - 12:00


Prof. Jussi Parkkinen:
Spectral Color Research

14:00 - 17:00


Prof. Erkki Oja:
Independent Component Analysis: Theory and Applications

Prof. Matti Pietikäinen:
Texture Analysis with Local Binary Patterns: Theory and Applications

15:00 - 17:00

Registration at Science Park

18:00 -

IceBreaker party

Registration is possible also in IceBreaker party

Monday June 20th, 2005


Registration opens at Metria building

9:30 - 9:45

Opening session

Jussi Parkkinen
General Chair of SCIA 2005, University of Joensuu

Petri Lintunen
Director of Administration, University of Joensuu

Markku Vuorinen
Managing Director, Joensuu Science Park Ltd

9:45 - 10:30

Plenary presentation: Prof. Anil K. Jain

Anil K. Jain:
Biometric Recognition: How Do I Know Who You Are?

10:30 - 11:00


11:00 - 12:40

Oral session: Image Segmentation and Understanding

Lutz Priese, Patrick Sturm, Haojun Wang:
Hierarchical Cell Structures for Segmentation of Voxel Images

Emanuel Diamant:
Paving the Way for Image Understanding: A New Kind of Image Decomposition is Desired

Diane Lingrand, Johan Montagnat:
Levelset and B-spline Deformable Model Techniques for Image Segmentation: A Pragmatic Comparative Study

Branislav Micusik, Allan Hanbury:
Steerable semi-automatic segmentation of textured images

Friedrich Fraundorfer, Martin Winter, Horst Bischof:
MSCC: Maximally Stable Corner Clusters

12:40 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:45

Plenary presentation: Assoc. Prof. Shigeki Nakauchi

Shigeki Nakauchi:
Spectral Imaging Technique for Visualizing the Invisible Information

14:45 - 15:15


15:15 - 16:55

Oral session: Color Image Processing and Remote Sensing

Kohta Aoki, Hiroshi Nagahashi:
Bayesian Image Segmentation Using MRF's Combined with Hierarchical Prior Models

Camilla Brekke, Anne H. S. Solberg:
Feature Extraction for Oil Spill Detection Based on SAR Images

Adam Bowen, Andrew Mullins, Roland Wilson, Nasir Rajpoot:
Light Field Reconstruction Using a Planar Patch Model

M. Doi, R. Ohtsuki, S. Tominaga:
Spectral Estimation of Skin Color with Foundation Makeup

Martin Solli, Mattias Andersson, Reiner Lenz, Björn Kruse:
Color Measurements with a Consumer Digital Camera using Spectral Estimation Techniques

16:55 - 18:25

Poster Session 1: Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Machine Vision, and Applications

Diana Kalenova, Pekka Toivanen, Vladimir Bochko:
Preferential Spectral Image Quality Model

Yuuki Uranishi, Mika Naganawa, Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Masataka Imura, Yoshitsugu Manabe, Kunihiro Chihara:
Three-Dimensional Measurement System Using A Cylindrical Mirror

Albert Sadovnikov, Petja Salmela, Lasse Lensu, Joni-Kristian Kamarainen, Heikki Kälviäinen:
Mottling Assessment of Solid Printed Areas and Its Correlation to Perceived Uniformity

Kanae Miyazawa, Ken-ichi Kobayashi, Shigeki Nakauchi, Akira Hiraishi:
In Situ Detection and Identification of Microorganisms at Single Colony Resolution using Spectral Imaging Technique

Teresa Barata, Steve P. Brooks:
Dolphins Who's Who: A Statistical Perspective

Abhir Bhalerao, Roland Wilson:
Local Shape Modelling Using Warplets

Hakan Ardo:
Learning based system for detection and tracking of vehicles

Martin Lettner, Robert Sablatnig:
Texture Analysis for Stroke Classification in Infrared Reflectogramms

Christina Olsén, Fredrik Georgsson:
Problems Related to Automatic Nipple Extraction

Thomas Pock, Reinhard Beichel, Horst Bischof:
A Novel Robust Tube Detection Filter for 3D Centerline Extraction

Erik Jonsson, Michael Felsberg:
Reconstruction of Probability Density Functions from Channel Representations

Andreas Wrangsjö, Johanna Pettersson, Hans Knutsson:
Non-Rigid Registration Using Morphons

Sara Saatchi, Chih Cheng Hung:
Hybridization of the Ant Colony Optimization with the K-means Algorithm for Clustering

Olga Kouropteva, Oleg Okun, Matti Pietikäinen:
Incremental Locally Linear Embedding Algorithm

A. Bartoli, H. Martinsson, F. Gaspard, J.-M. Lavest
On Aligning Sets of Points Reconstructed From Uncalibrated Affine Cameras

Jiri Matas, Karel Zimmermann:
A New Class of Learnable Detectors for Categorisation

Henrik Aanæs, Jan Erik Solem:
Overlapping Constraint for Variational Surface Reconstruction

Ville Kyrki, Kerstin Schmock:
Integation Methods of Model-freeFeatures for 3D Tracking

Volker Krüger, Jakob Anderson, Thomas Prehn:
Probabilistic Model-based Background Subtraction

S. S. Brandt, K. Palander:
A Bayesian Approach for Affine Auto-Calibration

Rami Rautkorpi, Jukka Iivarinen:
Shape-based Co-occurrence Matrices for Defect Classification

Jan Cech, Radim Sara:
Complex Correlation Statistic for Dense Stereoscopic Matching

H. Stewénius, M. Oskarsson, Kalle Åström:
Reconstruction from Planar Motion Image Sequences with Applications for Autonomous Vehicles

Matjaz Divjak, Damjan Zazula:
Stereo Tracking Error Analysis by Comparison with with an Electromagnetic Tracking Device

Gerald Fritz, Christin Seifert, Manish Kumar, Lucas Paletta:
Building Detection from Mobile Imagery Using Informative SIFT

Lucas Paletta, Gerald Fritz, Christin Seifert:
Perception-Action Based Object Detection From Local Descriptor Combination and Reinforcement Learning

Hans Bornefalk:
Use of Quadrature Filters for Detection of Stellate Lesions in Mammograms

Ivar Austvoll:
A Study of The Yosemite Sequence Used as A Test Sequence for Estimation of Optical Flow

Marc M. Ellenrieder, Lars Krüger, Dirk Stößel, Marc Hanheide:
A Versatile Model-Based Visibility Measure for Geometric Primitives

Thomas B. Moeslund, Jakob Kirkegaard:
Pose Estimation of Randomly Organized Stator Housings

P. d'Angelo, C. Woehler:
3D Reconstruction of Metallic Surfaces by Photopolarimetric Analysis

Franck Taillandier:
Inferring and Enforcing Geometrical Constraints on a 3D Model for Building Reconstruction

Anders Ericsson, Johan Karlsson:
Aligning shapes by minimising the description length

Klas Josephson, Anders Ericsson, Johan Karlsson:
Segmentation of Medical Images Using Three-dimensional Active Shape Models

Alexander Andreopoulos, John K. Tsotsos:
A Novel Algorithm for Fitting 3-D Active Appearance Models: Applications to Cardiac MRI Segmentation

Anders Ericsson, Markus Nowak Lonsdale, Kalle Astrom, Lars Edenbrandt, Lars Friberg:
Decision Support System for the Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

Jo Skjermo, Ole Christian Eidheim:
Polygon Mesh Generation of Branching Structures

Marta Altrichter, Zoltan Ludanyi, Gabor Horvath:
Joint Analysis of Multiple Mammographic Views in CAD Systems for Breast Cancer Detection

Zhirong Yang, Jorma Laaksonen:
Approximated Classification in Interactive Facial Image Retrieval

Roman Bednarik, Tomi Kinnunen, Andrei Mihaila, Pasi Fränti:
Eye-Movements as a Biometric

Takashi Machida, Naokazu Yokoya, Haruo Takemura:
Inverse Global Illumination Rendering for Dense Estimation of Surface Reflectance Properties

Naoki Uegaki, Masao Izumi, Kunio Fukunaga:
Multimodal Automatic Indexing for Broadcast Soccer Video

A. Ravishankar Rao, Guillermo Cecchi, Charles Peck, James Kozloski:
Evaluation Of The Effect Of Input Stimuli On The Quality Of Orientation Maps Produced Through Self Organization

Dragos Calitoiu, B. John Oommen, Dorin Nusbaumm:
Modeling Inaccurate Perception: Desynchronization Issues of A Chaotic Pattern Recognition Neural Network

Roger Trias-Sanz, Didier Boldo:
A High-Reliability, High-Resolution Method for Land Cover Classification into Forest and Non-forest

19:00 -

Reception of the city of Joensuu

Tuesday June 21th, 2005

9:00 - 9:45

Plenary presentation: Prof. Matti Pietikäinen

Matti Pietikäinen:
Image Analysis with Local Binary Patterns

9:45 - 10:15


10:15 - 12:15

Oral session: Applications

J.-K. Kamarainen, J. Ilonen, P. Paalanen, M. Hamouz, H. Kälviäinen, J. Kittler:
Object Evidence Extraction Using Simple Gabor Features and Statistical Ranking

Hidenori Tanaka, Itaru Kitahara, Hideo Saito, Hiroshi Murase, Kiyoshi Kogure, Norihiro Hagita:
Dynamically Visual Learning for People Identification with Sparsely Distributed Cameras

Matthieu Molinier, Tuomas Häme, Heikki Ahola:
3D-Connected Components Analysis for Traffic Monitoring in Image Sequences Acquired from a Helicopter

T. Tamminen, J. Kätsyri, M. Frydrych, J. Lampinen:
Joint Modeling of Facial Expression and Shape from Video

Hiroshi Sasaki, Tadayuki Takeda, Masataka Imura, Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Yoshitsugu Manabe, Kunihiro Chihara:
Development of Direct Manipulation Interface for Collaborative VR/MR Worspace

Motoko Oe, Tomokazu Sato, Naokazu Yokoya:
Estimating Camera Position And Posture by Using Feature Landmark Database

12:15 - 13:35


13:35 - 14:20

Plenary presentation: Prof. Kalle Åström

Kalle Åström:
Geometrical Computer Vision from Chasles to today

14:20 - 14:50



Departure to the parallel session:
Valamo Special Session in Digitizing of Cultural Heritage

Shoji Tominaga (invited talk):
An Approach to Digital Archiving of Art Paintings

Ching-tsorng Tsai, Chishyan Liaw, Cherng-yue Huang, Jiann-Shu Lee:
Synthesizing the Artistic Effects of Ink Painting

Kimiyoshi Miyata, Hannu Laamanen, Timo Jaaskelainen, Markku Hauta-Kasari, Jussi Parkkinen:
Application of Spectral Information to Investigate Historical Materials
- Detection of Metameric Color Area in Icon Images -

Alain Tremeau, Anne-Claire Legrand, Virginie Vurpillot:
Acquisition, Authentication and Display of Color Images in the Domain of Painting

14:50 - 16:30

Oral session: Theory

Bertrand Zavidovique, Vito Di Gesu:
The S-Kernel and a symmetry measure based on correlation

Paul L. Rosin:
Training Cellular Automata for Image Processing

Rasmus Larsen:
Functional 2D Procrustes Shape Analysis

Igor Gurevich (invited talk):
The Descriptive Approach to Image Analysis. Current State and Prospects

Juho Kannala, Esa Rahtu, Janne Heikkilä, Mikko Salo:
A New Method for Affine Registration of Images and Point Sets

16:30 - 17:50

Poster Session 2: Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, and Applications

B. Haasdonk, A. Vossen, H. Burkhardt:
Invariance in Kernel Methods by Haar-Integration Kernels

Søren I. Olsen:
Exemplar Based Recognition of Visual Shapes

Andreas Opelt, Axel Pinz:
Object Localization with Boosting and Weak Supervision for Generic Object Recognition

Ioan Cleju, Pasi Fränti, Xiaolin Wu:
Clustering Based on Principal Curve

Valtteri Takala, Timo Ahonen, Matti Pietikäinen:
Block-Based Methods for Image Retrieval Using Local Binary Patterns

Iivari Kunttu, Leena Lepistö, Ari Visa:
Enhanced Fourier Shape Descriptor Using Zero-Padding

Leena Lepistö, Iivari Kunttu, Ari Visa:
Color-Based Classification of Natural Rock Images Using Classifier Combinations

Fabien Feschet:
Fast guaranteed polygonal approximationsof closed digital curves

Anders Brun, Carl-Fredrik Westin, Magnus Herberthson, Hans Knutsson:
Fast Manifold Learning Based on Riemannian Normal Coordinates

Arindam Biswas, Partha Bhowmick, Bhargab B. Bhattacharya:
TIPS: On Finding a Tight Isothetic Polygonal Shape Covering a 2D Object

I. Kalliomäki, J. Lampinen:
Approximate Steerability of Gabor Filters for Feature Detection

Fredrik Andersson, Jens Nilsson:
Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction using Circuit Models

Janet S. Payne:
Mapping Perceptual Texture Similarity for Image Retrieval

J. Ilonen, P. Paalanen, J.-K. Kamarainen, T. Lindh, J. Ahola, H. Kälviäinen, J. Partanen:
Toward Automatic Motor Condition Diagnosis

Ville Hautamäki, Svetlana Cherednichenko, Tomi Kinnunen, Ismo Kärkkäinen, Pasi Fränti:
Improving K-Means by Outlier Removal

Francois de Vieilleville, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, Fabien Feschet:
Maximal digital straight segments and convergence of discrete geometric estimators

P. Paclik, S. Verzakov, R. P. W. Duin:
Improving The Maximum-likelihood Co-occurrence Classifier: A Study on Classification of Inhomogeneous Rock Images

S. Verzakov, P. Paclik, R. P. W. Duin:
The Tangent Kernel Approach to Illumination-robust Texture Classification

Radim Kolar, Jiri Jan:
Tissue Models and Speckle Reduction in Medical Ultrasound Images

Benedek Nagy:
A Comparison among Distances Based on Neighborhood Sequences in Regular Grids

Michal Haindl, Stanislava Simberova:
Restoration of Multitemporal Short-Exposure Astronomical Images

A. P. Happonen, U. Ruotsalainen:
A Comparative Study of Angular Extrapolation in Sinogram and Stackgram Domains for Limited Angle Tomography

Robin Strand:
A Classification of Centres of Maximal Balls in Z^3

A. L. Bogush, A. V. Tuzikov:
3D Object Volume Measurement Using Freehand Ultrasound

Yves Lucas, Antonio Domingues, Driss Driouchi, Pierre Marche:
Modeling, Evaluation and Control of a Road Image Processing Chain

Björn Svensson, Mats Andersson, Hans Knutsson:
A Graph Representation of Filter Networks

Ramunas Girdziusas, Jorma Laaksonen:
Optimal Ratio of Lamé Moduli with Application to Motion of Jupiter Storms

Alexey Podlasov, Eugene Ageenko:
Extraction and Removal of Layers from Map Imagere Data

Rodrigo de Luis-Garcia, Rachid Deriche, Mikael Rousson, Carlos Alberola-Lopez:
Tensor Processing for Texture And Colour Segmentation

Ayman El-Baz, Aly Farag, Georgy Gimelfarb:
Segmentation of Multi-modal Images by a Precise Approximation of Empirical Distributions with Linear Combinations of Discrete Gaussians

Ayman El-Baz, Aly Farag, Georgy Gimelfarb:
MGRF Controlled Stochastic Deformable Model

J. Åhlén, D. Sundgren, T. Lindell, E. Bengtsson:
Dissolved Organic Matters Impact on Colour Reconstruction in Underwater Images

Hrvoje Bogunovic, Sven Loncaric:
Denoising of Time-Density Data in Digital Subtraction Angiography

Tomas Zumbakis, Jonas Valantinas:
The Use of Image Smoothness Estimates in Speeding Up Fractal Image Compression

Nikolay Ponomarenko, Vladimir Lukin, Karen Egiazarian, Jaakko Astola:
DCT Based High Quality Image Compression

Alexander Kolesnikov:
Optimal encoding of vector data with polygonal approximation and vertex quantization

I. A. Al-Jarwan, M. J. Zemerly:
Image Compression using Adaptive Variable Dgeree Variable Segment Length Chebyshev Polynomials

Yunsong Wu, Graham Megson, Zhengang Nie, F. N. Alavi:
Linear Hashtable Method Predicted Hexagonal Search Algorithm With Spatial Related Criterion

Toni Kuparinen, Oleg Rodionov, Pekka Toivanen, Jarno Mielikainen, Vladimir Bochko, Ate Korkalainen, Juha Parviainen, Erik Vartiainen:
Fractal Dimension Analysis And Statistical Processing of Paper Surface Images towards Surface Roughness Measurement

Michael E. Hansen, Bjarne K. Ersboll:
Estimation of Critical Parameters in Concrete Production Using Multispectral Vision Technology

Domingo Mery, Miguel Carrasco:
Automated Multiple View Inspection Based on Uncalibrated Image Sequences

Kenji Fudono, Tomokazu Sato, Naokazu Yokoya:
Interactive 3-D Modeling System Using a Hand-held Video Camera

Amjad Zaim:
Automatic Segmentation of the Prostate from Ultrasound Data Using Feature-Based Self Organizing Map

20:00 -

Conference Dinner

Wednesday June 22th, 2005

9:00 - 9:45

Plenary presentation: Prof. Xiaolin Wu

Xiaolin Wu, Lei Zhang:
Joint Spatial-Temporal Color Demosaicking

9:45 - 10:15


10:15 - 11:55

Oral session: Medical Image Processing

Ida-Maria Sintorn, Gunilla Borgefors:
Shape Based Identification of Proteins in Volume Images

D. Chillet, N. Passat, M.-A. Jacob-Da Col, J. Baruthio:
Thickness Estimation of Discrete Tree-Like Tubular Objects: Application to Vessel Quantification

Roger Hult, Ingrid Agartz:
Segmentation of Multimodal MRI of Hippocampus Using 3D Grey-level Morphology Combined with Artificial Neural Networks

K. Althoff, J. Degerman, T. Gustavsson:
Combined Segmentation and Tracking of Neural Stem-Cells

Hans Knutsson, Mats Andersson:
Morphons: Paint on Priors and Elastic Canvas for Segmentation and Registration

11:55 - 13:15


13:15 - 14:35

Oral Session: Image Compression

Nils Jensen, Gabriele von Voigt, Wolfgang Nejdl, Johannes Bernarding:
Efficient 1-Pass Prediction for Volume Compression

Alexander Akimov, Alexander Kolesnikov, Pasi Fränti:
Lossless Compression of Map Contours by Context Tree Modeling of Chain Codes

Matthias Mühlich, Rudolf Mester:
Optimal Estimation of Homogeneous Vectors

Zhijian Yuan, Erkki Oja:
Projective Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Compression and Feature Extraction

14:35 - 15:00


15:00 - 15:45

Plenary presentation: Prof. Josef Kittler

J. Kittler, W.J. Christmas, A. Kostin, F. Yan, I. Kolonias, D. Windridge:
A Memory Architecture and Contextual Reasoning Framework for Cognitive Vision

15:45 - 15:50

Closing remarks

Markku Hauta-Kasari
Chairman of the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland

Pattern Recognition Society of Finland

The International Association for Pattern Recognition