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Funny sentences heard during SCIA05, collected by Matthieu Molinier

Thank you Matthieu!!

  • Erkki Oja [Tutorial on ICA] : You have to believe me, because I am a big guru in this field.

  • Anil K. Jain [slides of his talk] : "70% of people would give up their password for a chocolate bar." Sweet !

  • Shigeki Nakauchi : In Japan, we can see 7 colours ~ I don't know in European countries.

  • Shigeki Nakauchi : Insects can see more colours than humans. Nobody asked them, but we expect that.

  • Shigeki Nakauchi : These muskmelons are very expensive in Japan. Some can cost 20 euros a piece, up to 60 euros : I have never tasted myself.

  • Shigeki Nakauchi : This melon costs 50 euros, the machine says it is sweet : you make a gift to a friend. But your friend says : "No, it is not so sweet and it is too expensive." So that is a very serious problem.

  • Shigeki Nakauchi : Measuring sweetness and spectral properties for a lot of muskmelons takes time. It is a tedious process, but students can do that. Every day the students can eat the melons : pickup, measure and repeat...

  • Shigeki Nakauchi : These [an image shows a test sample of several muskmelons] are the melons the students have already finished to eat. Many many ! [...] This summer we have many many muskmelons, and my students are ready for it ! [laughs]

  • Bjarne Ersboll [chairing a session] : Do we have any interesting question ? [deafening silence]... or any question..?

  • Toni Tamminen [Face expression recognition] : We could use that talking head at the lab, because the model we have kind of sucks. [...] Happiness expressions are similar from person to person : when you are happy, you smile, you look stupid...

  • Anne Solberg [chairing a session] : No questions ?
    T. Tamminen : Thank you ! [for not asking any...]
    Anne Solberg : Well, I think the audience is really looking for lunch and nice weather outside.

  • Kalle Åstrom : This talk is about computer vision and geometry. So there will be some maths that I will harass you with.

  • Kalle Åstrom : We developed a system for monitoring food in a fridge. It is very useful in student houses, with shared apartments : the camera is monitoring parts of the fridge, and recognizes objects going in or out of the fridge. We extended the system so that I can monitor the whole fridge. So if you wondered "who took the milk ?" then you could have a look at the system and say : "It was Bjarne [Ersboll], he was very thirsty after the conference dinner".

  • Bjarne Ersboll [chairing the session] : I will remind you what he [Kalle Åstrom] said at the beginning of his talk : if you don't ask any questions, he will!

  • Hans Knutsson : "Phase-based local displacement estimation" [title of a slide with some mathematics in it]. I will give you a couple of minutes to stare at that.

  • [During conference banquet] "I leave the microphone to the master Yoda of this conference, Jussi Parkkinen."

  • Gabriele Von Voigt : When I was a student, quite awhile ago already, I remember it [RLE algorithm for image compression] was bloody hell... err, it was fairly easy to implement.

  • Gabriele Von Voigt : So probably at this time you would like to ask me why is it that we use so many predictors, wouldn't you ? [waiting...] Or would you? You wouldn't?

  • Josef Kittler : Thank you all for your stamina, for staying for the last talk of this conference.

  • Josef Kittler : Actually this [secondary screen on the speaker's desk] is better than my screen. Very useful!

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