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List of Accepted Papers

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The paper acceptance rate was 53%

Paper No. Paper Title Paper Authors
1007 Tissues Models and Speckle Reduction in Medical Ultrasound Images Radim Kolar
1011 A Comparison among Distances Based on Neighborhood Sequences in Regular Grids Benedek Nagy
1012 Aligning shapes by minimising the description length Johan Karlsson
1014 Feature-Based Image Coding for Rational Progressive Transmission Joaquin Fdez-Valdivia
Jose A. Garcia
Rosa Rodriguez-Sanchez
1015 The role of illusory contours in the transmission and representation of images Joaquin Fdez-Valdivia
Jose A. Garcia
Rosa Rodriguez-Sanchez
1016 The S-Kernel and a symmetry measure based on correlation Bertrand Zavidovique
Vito Di Gesu'
1022 Incremental Locally Linear Embedding Algorithm Olga Kouropteva
Oleg Okun
Matti Pietikäinen
1023 Efficient 1-Pass Prediction for Volume Compression Nils Jensen
Gabriele von Voigt
Wolfgang Nejdl
Johannes Bernarding
1027 Hierarchical Cell Structures for Segmentation of Voxel Images Priese Lutz
Sturm Patrick
Wang Haojun
1028 Shape based identification of proteins in volume images Ida-Maria Sintorn
Gunilla Borgefors
1029 Invariance in Kernel Methods by Haar-Integration Kernels Bernard Haasdonk
Anselm Vossen
Hans Burkhardt
1030 Thickness Estimation of Discrete Tree-Like Tubular Objects. Application to Vessel Quantification. Chillet Dini
Passat Nicolas
Jacob-Da Col Marie-Andrée
Baruthio Joseph
1031 Training Cellular Automata for Image Processing Paul Rosin
1036 Segmentation of Medical Images using Three-dimensional Active Shape Models Klas Josephson
Anders Ericsson
Joahn Karlsson
1044 A versatile model-based visibility measure for geometric primitives Marc M. Ellenrieder
Lars Krüger
Dirk Stößel
Marc Hanheide
1045 Restoration of Multitemporal Short-Exposure Astronomical Images Stanislava Simberova
Michal Haindl
1047 A Comparative Study of Angular Extrapolation in Sinogram and Stackgram Domains for Limited Angle Tomography Antti Happonen
Ulla Ruotsalainen
1049 The Use of Image Smoothness Estimates in Speeding Up Fractal Image Compression Tomas Zumbakis
Jonas Valantinas
1051 A High-Reliability, High-Resolution Method for Land Cover Classification into Forest and Non-Forest Trias-Sanz Roger
Boldo Didier
1053 Bayesian Image Segmentation Using MRF's Combined with Hierarchical Prior Models Kohta Aoki
Hiroshi Nagahashi
1055 Fractal Dimension Analysis and Statistical Processing of Paper Surface Images towards Surface Roughness Measurement Toni Kuparinen
Oleg Rodionov
Pekka Toivanen
Jarno Mielikainen
Vladimir Bochko
Ate Korkalainen
Juha Parviainen
Erik Vartiainen
1056 Exemplar based recognition of visual shapes Søren I. Olsen Olsen
1057 Functional 2D Procrustes Shape Analysis Rasmus Larsen
1060 Pose Estimation of Randomly Organized Stator Housings Thomas Moeslund
1061 3D Reconstruction of Metallic Surfaces by Photopolarimetric Analysis Pablo d'Angelo
Christian Woehler
1064 A Novel Algorithm for Fitting 3-D Active Appearance Models: Applications to Cardiac MRI Segmentation Alexander Andreopoulos
John K. Tsotsos
1066 Object Localization with Boosting and Weak Supervision for Generic Object Recognition Andreas Opelt
Axel Pinz
1068 Clustering Based on Principal Curve Ioan Cleju
Pasi Fränti
Xiaolin Wu
1069 Decision support system for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease Anders Ericsson
Markus Nowak Lonsdale
Karl Åström
Lars Edenbrandt
Lars Friberg
1070 On Aligning Sets of Points Reconstructed From Uncalibrated Affine Cameras Adrien Bartoli
Hanna Martinsson
Francois Gaspard
Jean-Marc Lavest
1076 Preferential Spectral Image Quality Model Diana Kalenova
Pekka Toivanen
Vladimir Bochko
1077 A new class of learnable detectors for categorisation Karel Zimmermann
George Matas
1079 Inverse Global Illumination Rendering for Dense Estimation of Surface Reflectance Properties Takashi Machida
Naokazu Yokoya
Haruo Takemura
1080 Estimation of Critical Parameters in Concrete Production Using Multispectral Vision Technology Michael Edberg Hansen
1081 Overlapping Constraint for Variational Surface Reconstruction Jan Erik Solem
1084 Three-Dimensional Measurement System using a Cylindrical Mirror Yuuki Uranishi
Mika Naganawa
Yoshihiro Yasumuro
Masataka Imura
Yoshitsugu Manabe
Kunihiro Chihara
1085 Paving the Way for Image Understanding: A New Kind of Image Decomposition is Desired Emanuel Diamant
1090 Object evidence extraction using simple Gabor features and statistical ranking Joni-Kristian Kamarainen
Jarmo Ilonen
Pekka Paalanen
Heikki Kälviäinen
Miroslav Hamouz
Josef Kittler
1091 Levelset and B-spline deformable model techniques for image segmentation: a pragmatic comparative study. Lingrand Diane
Montagnat Johan
1093 Dynamically Visual Learning for People Identification with Sparsely Distributed Cameras Hidenori Tanaka
Itaru Kitahara
Hideo Saito
Hiroshi Murase
Kiyoshi Kogure
Norihiro Hagita
1097 Block-Based Methods for Image Retrieval Using Local Binary Patterns Valtteri Takala
Timo Ahonen
Matti Pietikäinen
1098 Synthesizing the Artistic Effects of Ink Painting Ching-tsorng Tsai
Chishyan Liaw
Cherng-yue Huang
Jiann-Shu Lee
1099 Enhanced Fourier Shape Descriptor Using Zero-Padding Iivari Kunttu
Leena Lepisto
Visa Ari
1100 A Classification of Centres of Maximal Balls in $\mathbb{Z}î3$ Robin Strand
1101 Integation Methods of Model-free Features for 3D Tracking Ville Kyrki
Kerstin Schmock
1102 Motion Segmentation Using Probabilistic Tracking Of Macro Segments Mark Ross
1104 3D-connected components analysis for traffic monitoring in image sequences acquired from a helicopter Molinier Matthieu
Häme Tuomas
1105 Probabilistic Model-based Background Subtraction Volker Krüger
1106 Color-Based Classification of Natural Rock Images Using Classifier Combinations Leena Lepistö
Iivari Kunttu
Ari Visa
1107 Interactive 3-D Modeling System Using a Hand-held Video Camera Kenji Fudono
Tomokazu Sato
Naokazu Yokoya
1109 Joint modeling of facial expression and shape from video Toni Tamminen
Jari Kätsyri
Michael Frydrych
Jouko Lampinen
1110 3D Object Volume Measurement Using Freehand Ultrasound Armen Bogush
Alexander Tuzikov
1111 Development of Direct Manipulation Interface for Collaborative VR/MR Workspace Hiroshi Sasaki
Tadayuki Takeda
Masataka Imura
Yoshihiro Yasumuro
Yoshitsugu Manabe
Kunihiro Chihara
1113 Modeling, Evaluation and Control of a Road Image Processing Chain Yves LUCAS
1116 Feature extraction for oil spill detection based on SAR images Camilla Brekke
Anne H. S. Solberg
1117 Fast guaranteed polygonal approximations of closed digital curves Fabien Feschet
Andy Mullins
Roland Wilson
Nasir Rajpoot
1121 A Bayesian Approach for Affine Auto-Calibration Sami Brandt
Kimmo Palander
1122 A Graph Representation of Filter Networks Björn Svensson
Hans Knutsson
Mats Andersson
1123 Segmentation of Multimodal MRI of Hippocampus Using 3D Grey-level Morphology Combined with Artificial Neural Networks Roger Hult
Ingrid Agartz
1124 Mottling Assessment of Solid Printed Areas and its Correlation to Perceived Uniformity Albert Sadovnikov
Petja Salmela
Lasse Lensu
Joni-Kristian Kamarainen
Heikki Kalviainen
1125 Detection and Classification of Microbes using Spectral Imaging Technique Kanae Miyazawa
1129 Shape-based Co-occurrence Matrices for Defect Classification Rami Rautkorpi
Jukka Iivarinen
1131 Fast manifold learning based on Riemannian normal coordinates Anders Brun
Carl-Fredrik Westin
Magnus Herberthson
Hans Knutsson
1133 TIPS: On Finding a Tight Isothetic Polygonal Covering a 2D Object Arindam Biswas
Partha Bhowmick
Bhargab B Bhattacharya
1135 Multimodal Automatic Indexing for Broadcast Soccer Video Naoto Uegaki
1136 Spectral Estimation of Skin Color with Foundation Makeup Motonori Doi
Rie Ohtsuki
Shoji Tominaga
1138 Approximate steerability of Gabor filters for feature detection Ilkka Kalliomäki
Jouko Lampinen
1139 Dolphins Who's Who: A Statistical Perspective Teresa Barata
Steve P. Brooks
1140 Combined Segmentation and Tracking of Neural Stem-Cells Karin Althoff
Johan Degerman
Tomas Gustavsson
1141 Optimal Ratio of Lamé Moduli with Application to Motion of Jupiter Storms Ramunas Girdziusas
Jorma Laaksonen
1142 Local Shape Modelling using Warplets Abhir Bhalerao
Roland Wilson
1143 Approximated Classification in Interactive Facial Image Retrieval Zhirong Yang
Jorma Laaksonen
1145 Polygon Mesh Generation of Branching Structures Jo Skjermo
Ole Christian Eidheim
1146 Joint Analysis of Multiple Mammographic Views in CAD Systems for Breast Cancer Detection Altrichter Marta
Ludanyi Zoltan
Horvath Gabor
1147 Extraction and Removal of Layers from Map Imagery Data Alexey Podlasov
Eugene Ageenko
1148 DCT Based High Quality Image Compression Nikolay Ponomarenko
Vladimir Lukin
Karen Egiazarian
Jaakko Astola
1149 Steerable semi-automatic segmentation of textured images Branislav Micusik
Allan Hanbury
1151 Learning based system for detection and tracking of vehicles Håkan Ardö
1152 Estimating Camera Position and Posture by Using Feature Landmark Database Motoko Oe
Tomokazu Sato
Naokazu Yokoya
1153 Texture Analysis for Stroke Classification in Infrared Reflectogramms Martin Lettner
Robert Sablatnig
1154 The Descriptive Approach to Image Analysis. Current State and Prospects Igor Gurevich
1155 Problems Related to Automatic Nipple Extraction Christina Olsén
Fredrik Georgsson
1157 Complex Correlation Statistic for Dense Stereoscopic Matching Jan Cech
Radim Sara
1158 Estimating Color Spectra using a Consumer Digital Camera Martin Solli
Mattias Andersson
Reiner Lenz
Björn Kruse
1159 MSCC: Maximally Stable Corner Clusters Friedrich Fraundorfer
Martin Winter
Horst Bischof
1163 Optimal encoding of vector data with polygonal approximation and vertex quantization Alexander Kolesnikov
1164 Reconstruction from planar motion image sequences with applications for autonomous vehicles Henrik Stewénius
Magnus Oskarsson
Kalle Åström
1167 Inferring and Enforcing Geometrical Constraints on a 3D Model for Building Reconstruction Franck Taillandier
1170 Nonlinear dimensionality reduction using circuit models Jens Nilsson
Fredrik Andersson
1172 A Novel Robust Tube Detection Filter for 3D Centerline Extraction Thomas Pock
Reinhard Beichel
Horst Bischof
1173 Tensor Processing for Texture and Colour Segmentation Rodrigo de Luis-García
Rachid Deriche
Mikael Rousson
Carlos Alberola-López
1175 Image Compression using Adaptive Variable Degree Variable Segment Length Chebyshev Polynomials Ibrahim Al-Jarwan
Mohammad Jamal Zemerly
1177 Morphons: Paint on Priors and Elastic Canvas for Segmentation and Registration Hans Knutsson
Mats Andersson
1179 Reconstruction of Probability Density Functions from Channel Representations Erik Jonsson
Michael Felsberg
1180 Lossless compression of map contours by context tree modeling of chain codes Alexander Akimov
Alexander Kolesnikov
Pasi Fränti
1182 Eye-Movements as a Biometric Roman Bednarik
Tomi Kinnunen
Andrei Mihaila
Pasi Fränti
1184 Mapping Perceptual Texture Similarity for Image Retrieval Janet Payne
1185 Evaluation of the effect of input stimuli on the quality of orientation maps produced through self organization A. Ravishankar, Rao Guillermo Cecchi, Charles Peck and James Kozloski
1186 An automatic method for histological section measurements Lucia Ballerini
1188 Non-Rigid Registration Using Morphons Andreas Wrangsjö
Johanna Pettersson
Hans Knutsson
1189 Optimal Estimation of Homogeneous Vectors Matthias Mühlich
Rudolf Mester
1191 Linear Algorithm Hashtable Predicted Hexagonal Method With Spatial Related Criterion yunsong wu
1192 Stereo tracking error analysis by comparison with an electromagnetic tracking device Matjaz Divjak
Damjan Zazula
1195 Urban Object Detection from Mobile Phone Imagery Using Informative SIFT Descriptors Lucas Paletta
Gerald Fritz
Christin Seifert
1196 Perception-Action based Object Detection Using Local Descriptor Integration and Reinforcement Learning Lucas Paletta
Gerald Fritz
Christin Seifert
1202 Unsupervised Segmentation of Multi-Modal Images by a Precise Approximation of Individual Modes with Linear Combinations of Discrete Gaussians Ayman El-Baz
Aly Farag
Georgy Gimel'farb
1203 Hybridization of the Ant Colony Optimization with the K-means Algorithm for Clustering Sara Saatchi
Chih Cheng Hung
1205 MGRF Controlled Stochastic Deformable Model Ayman El-Baz
Aly Farag
Georgy Gimel'farb
1206 Use of quadrature filters for detection and classification of stellate lesions in mammograms Hans Bornefalk
1209 Dissolved Organic Matters Impact on Color Reconstruction of Underwater Images Julia Åhlén
1214 Automated multiple view inspection based on uncalibrated image sequences Domingo Mery
Miguel Carrasco
1219 Toward Automatic Motor Condition Diagnosis Jarmo Ilonen
Pekka Paalanen
Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen
Tuomo Lindh
Jero Ahola
Heikki Kälviäinen
Jarmo Partanen
1221 Denoising of Time-Density Data in Digital Subtraction Angiography Hrvoje Bogunovic
Sven Loncaric
1223 Application of Spectral Information to Investigate Historical Properties - Detection of Metameric Color Area in Icon Images - Kimiyoshi Miyata
1226 A study of the Yosemite Sequence used as a test sequence for estimation of optical flow Ivar Austvoll
1227 Projective Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Compression and Feature Extraction Zhijian Yuan
Erkki Oja
1228 Improving K-Means by Outlier Removal Svetlana Cherednichenko
Ville Hautamäki
Tomi Kinnunen
Ismo Kärkkäinen
Pasi Fränti
1231 A New Method for Affine Registration of Images and Point Sets Juho Kannala
Esa Rahtu
Janne Heikkilä
Mikko Salo
1234 Maximal digital straight segments and convergence of discrete geometric estimators Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
Fabien Feschet
1235 Improving the maximum-likelihood co-occurrence classifier: a study on classification of inhomogeneous rock images Pavel Paclik
Serguei Verzakov
Robert P.W.Duin
1236 The tangent kernel approach to illumunation-robust texture classification Serguei Verzakov
Pavel Paclick
Robert Duin
1242 Modeling Inaccurate Perception: Desynchronization Issues of a Chaotic Pattern Recognition Neural Network D. Calitoiu
John Oommen
D. Nussbaum

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