Tutorial on MOPSI application and Facebook

Follow the below 3 steps to make connection between MOPSI and your facebook.
When you take a new photo from your mobile via mopsi, your facebook account will update this information at the same time, sounds cool :)

Step 1: Login to Facebook

Firstly log in to Facebook if not yet.

Step 2: Give permission to MOPSI

Click on the below button to give the permission to MOPSI

Then it will go to the following page, click on the 'Allow' button.

Note: MOPSI use your permission ONLY for your account in MOPSI.
You can delete the application or change it anytime.

Step 3: Login to MOPSI

Now log in to MOPSI or create a new account from MOPSI.
Input you username and password, and then click on the 'login' button.

If login successfully, you will find the complete page as below.

Try MOPSI applicaton on your mobile, have fun :)