Computer Science Workshops at SciFest (5 ECTS)

University of Eastern Finland, School of Computing / Joensuu campus

updated: 18.02.2012



What is interesting in computer science? How CS research problems could be presented to school kids and students? We will try to find answers for these questions in a new Computer Science Workshops at SciFest course.

Course will be organized during the second and third periods, and it belongs to elementary studies in the advanced level. Participants will design and implement one or more workshops on computer science to be organized at SciFest 2012 science and technology festival. The course will start with an introductory seminar, and student groups work independently after that. There will be 1-2 follow-up seminar / month until the festival takes place in April, 2012. Furthermore, student groups can arrange weekly meetings with the lecturer as necessary. The course will end after SciFest 2012 festival.

Course lecturer is Ilkka Jormanainen (, room,  2D308). The course will be organized together with Joensuu Science Society (the main organizer of SciFest festival).


There are no weekly lectures and/or exercise sessions. The course is based on individual's active participation for the group's work. Progress will be monitored during the follow-up seminars and other meetings. Requirements for passing the course are as follows:


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