Location-aware machine intelligence (5 op) 3621597

Course description

We focus on application of machine intelligence on location-aware applications. Selected research topics include (but not limited to) the following topics: search engines, recommendation systems, web mining, event detection, push/pull notifications, clustering, social networks, GPS tracectory analysis, road network extraction. The course consists of 24 hours lectures, 12 hours of interactive tutoring, and a presentation. Each student will study one of few papers on a selected theme and will give 45 minutes presentation of his/her topic. An abstract of 2-4 pages will also be written.

Course requirements

Graduate level course targetted for MSc and PhD students of computer science. Suitable especially for students who are going to start his/her MSc thesis in near-future, PhD students and researchers interested in the topic. The course is direct continuation of the more technically oriented course Location-aware mobile applications development, focusing merely the research topics in this area.

Lectures and presentations

Teacher: Pasi Fränti
Schedule: 24 h, starting from 7.1.
Monday 14-16
Tuesday 14-16
Lecture room: D106 (Joensuu), F213 (Kuopio) CONFIRM!
Schedule and Course Material


Pasi Fränti (Joensuu)
Schedule: 12 h, starting from 7.1.


Oral examination (Pass/Reject) without grading.

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