Location-aware mobile applications development (5 op) 3621547


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Course description

First we study background of location-aware applications including positioning and mapping. We then focus development on different mobile platforms (Android, Windows Phone, Symbian & iOS), implementation of web interfaces using JavaScript/JQuery technologies, and necessary server-side solutions. Selected research topics (GPS trajectory analysis, clustering of GPS data, location-based search, recommended systems) will be studied during the last part of the lectures.

Course requirements

The course consists of 32 hours of lectures, 8 exercises and a course project to be completed during the course as a group work. The goal is to build a complete working system for recording international student enrollment and graduation, both on web and mobile, using the location as the key aspect.


Teacher: Pasi Fränti
Schedule: 32 h, starting from 11.3.
Monday 14-16
Tuesday 14-16
Lecture room: D106 (Joensuu), F213 (Kuopio)
Schedule and Lecture Notes


Matti Mononen (Joensuu)
Marko Hassinen (Kuopio)
Schedule: 16 h, starting from 15.3.
Friday: 10-12 (Joensuu: 179, Kuopio: F213)

Exercises 1
Exercises 2
Exercises 3
Exercises 4
Exercises 5
Exercises 6
Exercises 7

Course project

Preliminary knowledge

Basic knowledge of progamming languages (Javascript, PHP, Java, Python, C/C++), data structures and databases (MySQL).


1. change: Thursday 23.5. 8-12 (Joensuu: M101, Kuopio: SL)
2. change: Friday 7.6. 12-16 (Joensuu: M100, Kuopio: SL)
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Recommended literature

R. Ferraro & M. Aktihanoglu, Location-Aware Applications, Manning Publications, 2011

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