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Lecture notes:

Image Compression (version 9.9.2002): Word format, PowerPoint files

Summary files:

Part 1 (Word)
Part 2 (Word)
Part 3 (Word)
Part 4 (Word)
Part 5 (Word)
Part 6 (Word)
Part 7 (Word)
Part 8 (Word)
Part 9 (Word)

Supplementary material:

JPEG-2000 Overview
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Fast DCT
Context vs. Predictive modeling
Collected materials from student works
Clustering software
Calculate 4x1 DCT (using Excel)
Calculate 4x4 Haar Wavelet (Excel)
Article: Compression of map images by multi-layer context tree modeling
Article: Compression of aerial images

Other material available in our library in Science Park:

Issues of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (2000--)
Issues of IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence (2000--)
Issues of Journal of Electronic Imaging (2000--)
Issues of Pattern Recognition Letters (2000--)
Proceedings of IEEE Data Compression Conference (DCC): 02.
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP): 98-05.
Proceedings of Scandinavic Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA): 99, 01, 03, 05
IEEE Xplore archive (available only via university network)
Science Direct archive (available only via university network)