Advanced Topics in Algorithms (3-5 op) 3621647

Course description

The course covers selected topics of algorithms and computing in general. Topics include evolutionary algorithms, information theory, principles of data compression, branch and bound for TSP. Other topics will be selected during the course based on what is going on in research in SIPU group. The course is suitable to PhD students and MSc students who seek wider knowledge in algorithms.


Course consists of roughly 20 hours lectures, 10 hours exercises and a small course project work (programming task). This will be provide 3 cp with grade accept/fail, based on participation activity and oral examination. Wider 5 cp course requires significantly larger course project. Grading of 1-5 is possible but can require written examination.

Teacher and schedule

Teacher: Pasi Fränti
Schedule: 30 h, starting from 13.1.
Wednesday 14-16 (106)

Course continues entire Spring ending 31.5. Lectures will take place every two weeks. Exact times will be announced during the course and can be very flexible.
Schedule and Lecture Notes


Exercises 1
Exercises 2
Exercises 3
Exercises 4
Exercises 5

Task 1-4  Challenging tasks  Probabilities  Task 2-2  Task 3-2 

Preliminary knowledge

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (must be passed)


Format: Oral
Grading: Passed/Failed
Passing the course will require:

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Material will be delivered during the course.

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