Seminar presentations - spring 2001

Date Author Title of presentation
14.3. Ivan Reier
(RAS, Moscow)
Discrete-to-continuous transformation of binary images:
Application to shape recognition
21.3. V.Veis
LZW semi-adaptive coding
Multi-phase LZW coding
23.3. A. Krasnikov
E. Pogossova
Segmentation of color map images into logical binary components
Image segmentation for symbol-based coding
28.3. Erkki Oja
(Academy of Finland)
Unsupervised learning for data analysis
and signal analysis
30.3. S.Mikhailova
Blockwise statistical measurement of compression errors
Effect of the color model in the compression
6.4. Cancelled Cancelled
20.4. V.Hautamäki
Study of prequantization parameters in color quantization
Entropy analysis for detection of structural errors in images
25.4. Esko Ukkonen
(Academy of Finland)
Complete genome data mining in computational biology
26.4. Jaakko Astola
(TUT, Tampere)
TUT's signal processing; from filtering to genetics
2.5. Kimmo Kaski
(Academy of Finland)
Computational Science: Arithmetics or Environmental Studies