Image Compression Special Project (4 cu)

The course constists of two parts: (i) 16 h lectures + 8 h exercises, (ii) special assigments. The first part gives introduction to image compression. The knowledge of this part is tested in a 2 hour exams. In the second part, students are given small programming assigments in selected topics. Programs are written and tested individually and reported jointly by teams of 2 persons in each. Finally, results are presented in a mini seminar, in which each student will present the main conclusions from his/her work in a 30 minutes presentation.


Lectures (16 h): 18.9.-20.10. at monday 16-18 and friday 12-14 (K4)
Excercises (8 h): 26.9.-17.10. at tuesday 12-14 (M5)
Seminar: 16.3.-20.4. at wednesday 14-16 (B181), friday 12-14 (B181)
Diagram of the schedule
Seminar presentations

Important deadlines:

Exam: General exam dates of department
Assigment Deadline: 15.11.
Report deadline: 25.11.

To whom:

The course is advanced (laudatur) level course meant to everybody interested in deepening his/her knowledge in a selected topic in image compression. It is recommended especially for students in general branch and in signal processing branch. Students are required to have sufficient knowledge of data structures and algorithms, and enough programming experience. Knowledge of C will be helpful but not necessary.

Students who has already passed the Image Compression course (3 cu) autumn 1999 will be credited only from the second part of the course (3 cu).

It is also possible to take the full Image Compression course together with the project as a book exam. In this case, student will be credited 3 + 3 cu in total.

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