Research Seminar on Recommendation Systems (2 cp) 3621713

Course description

Seminar consists of 12-15 presentations. Each participant gives presentation on selected topic from his/her own research, or on selected scientific paper including experimental results. Participation for, at minimum, 10 other presentations required. The course is recommended for PhD students.


Organizer: Pasi Fränti
Duration: 9.1. to 31.12.2013
Times: 10-15 sessions
Place: Conference room 330


14.1. 14:00 Karol Waga: Location-based recommendation systems
16.1. 10:00 Xin Sun: Recommending destination via routes of other users
18.1. 14:00 Pasi Fränti: Detecting movement type from GPS track
21.1. 14:00 Radu Mariescu-Istodor: Recommending events for mobile users
24.1  14:00 Xin Sun: Predicting destination - part 2 
28.1. 14:00 Andrei Tabarcea & Matti Mononen: Web content mining
11.2. 14:00 Chaitanya Khurana: Utilizing social networks
18.2. 14:00 Radu Mariescu-Istodor: Recommending events - part 2
 3.6. 14:00 Ernesto Gomez: (topic to appear)
10.10. 14:00 Mohammad Rezaei: Grid-Based clustering for photo collections 
Seminar continues as SIPU Research Seminar during October 2013


Guidelines for Oral Presentations
Scientific Presentation Skills (by Jean Luc Lebrun)

Reviewing roles

Content reviewer: Design reviewer (slides and visuals): Performance reviewer: Q&A reviewer: