Instructions for student presentations in UCD 2009

Each session in the UCD2009 lecture time will usually consist of 2-3 presentations of current topics. Presentation is a compulsory part of passing the course. Students form minigroups so that there is same number of groups as number of topics, select a free topic from the list attached, and register it with the lecturer. Schedule of the presentations is available at the course web-page and at the bottom of this page.

Students contact the lecturer well before their presentation to obtain materials and links related to their topic. The materials will become available to all students of the course. Each presentation will take about 15-20 minutes (approximately 10-15 ppt slides, depending on the topic). It contains information necessary for understanding the topic and raises important questions for discussion. All members of the groups take part in the presentation. Interactive and stimulating presentations, e.g. involving audience to do some small tasks, are encouraged. After the presentations there will be time for questions and discussion. The presentation will be published online (intranet). The final exam will be based on the student presentations during the course, related literature, in addition to other topics covered during the course.

List of topics and schedule

Topic Date Who
1 ISO 13407 Monday, 19 January Tomas, Michal, David
2 Participatory Design - what, why, how Monday, 19 January Barun, Marko
3 Personas Monday, 19 January Jinhua, Shahram, Robet
4 Understanding users -  What is cognition and its role in interaction design - Sharp, p. 92 - 115 Monday, 26 January Harri, Saija, Anssi
5 Social underpinnings of Scandinavian vs. US. traditions in participatory design of information systems Monday, 26 January Erkko, Arttu, Matti
6 A look at some past PD projects Monday, 26 January Harri
7 PICTIVE - Plastic Interfaces for Collaborative Technology Initiatives through Video Exploration Tuesday, 3 February Timo, Juha
8 CARD - Collaborative Analysis of Requirements and Design Tuesday, 27 January Filip, Kashif
9 Future technology workshops - Interaction design, 492 -493 Tuesday, 27 January Anna, Zaur, Alexey
10 Cost vs. benefits - A survey of user-centered design practice Monday, 2 February Peng, Ashes
11 Affinity diagrams Monday, 9 February Andrey S, Shukhrat
12 Contextual Inquiry I.- Beyer p. 41 - 66 Tuesday, 3 February Monika, Monika, Pawel
13 Contextual Inquiry II. - Beyer p. 67 - 78 Monday, 9 February Jinchul, Kitak
14 Work models: flow, sequence, artifact - Beyer p. 89 - 107 Tuesday, 10 February Mikko, Juho
15 Work models: culture, physical, summary - Beyer p. 107 - 123 Tuesday, 10 February Damira, Tanya
16 Evaluation - Heuristic evaluation, Pluralistic walkthough Tuesday, 10 February Yuliya, Vera