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Welcome to the Thinking Tools on the Net project web pages!

This project began on autumn 2000 and has ended on the beginning of August, 2003 and a new project, MirrorWolf, continues the work started in this project. During these three years project employed altogether more than 15 researchers, whose contributions led us to the results presented in these pages.

The project was funded by National Technology Agency in Finland (TEKES), European Commission and three companies - Discendum, Novo Group and Sordino Information Systems. The first two years of the project project belonged to the national wide research program called USIX led by TEKES.

The key areas of the research conducted in this project were: Intelligent portfolios, Concept mapping techniques, Automatic essay-evaluation and Technologies needed in visualizing virtual social interaction.

The results of our project's reseachers in these key areas were meaningful. In addition to the scientific conference papers and journal articles that were published, the project lead to publication of many high-quality theses and production of actual software components based on the research done in the project.

As always in the field of research, finding answers to the present open question leads us to meet new interesting questions. Therefore, our research group will continue working among the key areas mentioned earlier and will keep producing interesting research publications and practical real-life applications from those.

We welcome any questions regarding the research conducted in this project as well as we welcome any other further discussions with us!

Professor Erkki Sutinen,

Project Manager Gaetano La Russa,

These pages were last updated on 30th of October, 2003.