Eliot, Jeliot I and Jeliot 2000

Teachers' questionnaire

  • What do you like most from Jeliot 3?

  • Is there any feature missing in Jeliot 3 that you will like to see implemented in Jeliot 3?Why?

  • How did students interact with Jeliot 3 ?

  • Did students use Jeliot 3 by themshelves after lessons?

  • Did you observe an improvement in students' comprehension in Java fundamentals? Which?

  • Did you create your own examples? If so,which programming aspects do they cover?

  • Did you visualize programs in the step-by step mode?If so, did you find it meaningful? Why?

  • Are you considering using Jeliot 3 in next years' lessons?

  • Which other tools are you considering to be used for teaching programming basis to your students?