Eliot, Jeliot I and Jeliot 2000

Students' questionnaire

  • How do you like working with Jeliot 3?

  • Do you know any story involving Jeliot 3?,or is there anything you want to tell/ask us about Jeliot 3?

  • If you could design one program to help you in learning how to program, how would it be?

  • Which were the biggest difficulties when using Jeliot 3?Why?

  • Will you use Jeliot when implementing your programming exercises for school?Why?

  • How did Jeliot help you in understanding the following concepts?

  •    Objects creation    Arrays manipulation
       Method calls    Property changes
       Assignments    Logic and arithmetic operations
       Input/output    Flow Statements

  • Did you find something confusing when using Jeliot? Why?

  • VCR-like control buttons
    Scenario(where visualizations are displayed)
    Step by step mode

  • Did you understand Jeliot error messages?Why?