Eliot, Jeliot I and Jeliot 2000

Editing Java Easily

About EJE

Editing Java Easily (EJE) is and IDE developed at the University of Karlsruhe by Roland Küstermann. It is oriented to novices and experts. It includes features that will appeal to both groups. But most importantly, it includes Jeliot 3 as a plugin, so go and download it. Unfortunately, the web site is in German, so you may have some problems. Let me guide you.

Installing EJE

Although EJE is a commercial product, you can download a free evaluation version, just click in the download link, and fill the fields they ask you and press "ABSENDEN". We recommend you to ask for the Web Start version, it will make it easier for you when updates are released. If you have written down your email correctly in the mail form, you will find an email in your inbox soon. You can always request a commercial license from the shop

This email will contain the instructions on how to have your copy of EJE working. It will also have a license file attached, save it somewhere you will remember, EJE will ask you for the license when it starts for the first time. Once ready, just click on the link the mail you see in the email. It will either download an executable file, or Web Start. From that point should be easy to have EJE running on your computer.

Once you start EJE, you should install the plugins from within the tool.

Installing the PlugIn

In the main menu of EJE, under the Plugins menu, you will have an oppotunity to Update the Plugins. Jeliot will be the first option, so just click in Download. And you will have Jeliot installed, and ready to animate your programs

You will have also the oportunity to install JSwat, a graphical debugger for Java, oriented to expert programmers.

Starting Jeliot 3

Once you have open a Java file, or written your own, you will have to compile it (e.g. by pressing F5) before starting Jeliot. Once compiled you can click in the Jeliot button seen at the left sidebar. And there you go!!! Jeliot 3 will animate your project.

If everything has gone right you should see an image similar to this:

Editor window with Jeliot Plugin Running

EJE contains a very detailed Help system. Press F1 at any moment to call it and learn all the posibilities of EJE.