Eliot, Jeliot I and Jeliot 2000

BlueJ Extension

Now you can use Jeliot 3 with BlueJ, thanks to this extension. It will load all the project into a single file and animate it!!

To install it, first download it. And then copy the file to your BlueJ's extensions location (BlueJ/lib/extensions). More information at BlueJ documentation pages.

Note: BlueJ extension has been tested to work on BlueJ 1.3.5 and BlueJ 2.0. Please update your BlueJ!!


  • If you tell BlueJ to "Run Jeliot" before creating a object, when you create it, Jeliot will animate the creation automatically. However, currently Jeliot has not support for an object bench like BlueJ does. So objects created before will not be accessible in following creations.
  • Once the project is loaded, you can run the animation calling any public method. In Jeliot, click in "Ask for method" in the Control menu (or press Ctrl+F). Next time you click in compile you will be asked to introduce a method or a constructor call. If the method is static just write "Class.staticMethod()". If it is not static, you will need to create the object and call the method, e.g. "(new Constructor()).methodCall()".
  • If you want to use Jeliot I/O library, please look in the forums.


  • If the project has a main method, Jeliot 3 will load the project into a single file and let you play it.
  • If you have started Jeliot 3 through BlueJ (Tools->Run Jeliot), it will catch method invocations done from BlueJ's object bench and animate them.