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IMPIT scholarships

In the student admission 2014, 6 best selected IMPIT students will be awarded a scholarship of 400 Euros/month for the first academic year. For the second academic year, the students are encouraged to find a thesis writing position with a salary.

All IMPIT applicants for the UEF are considered as scholarship candidates. There is no need to apply separately for a scholarship for the UEF. The list of scholarship holders will be based on the selection points specified in the admission requirements.

Scholarships are issued locally in the partner universities, and they are not common for the IMPIT programme.


Previous stipends


Best selected students (11 students in 2013-15, 12 students in 2012-14 and 11 students in 2011-13) at the UEF have been awarded a scholarship for the first academic year. The scholarship covers part of the living expenses.

Spring 2011

Altogether five achievement based scholarsips were given: two for finishing MSc thesis (400 e each), and three for first year IMPIT students (1050 e each).

December 2009

We have selected five students as the recipients of the announced in September. The amount of scholarship varies depending on the merits, 400-600e. Congratulations!

January 2009

The latest selection of the recepients has been done during January 2009, congratulations to two students who will receive up to 500e/month during January-May 2009. There may be more support available later.


December 2008:

New scholarship available.

There are two industrial scholarships available for IMPIT 2008 students.