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 IEEE 4th International Workshop on Technology for Education in Developing Countries, July 10 -12, 2006, Iringa, Tanzania
 Malta International Summer School on Educational Technology in Cultural Context, June 20 - 25, 2005
 Taiwan International Summer School on Educational Technology in Cultural Context, Taiwan, June 28 - July 3, 2005
 International Conference on Educational Technology in Cultural Context, Taiwan, July 7, 2005
 Mekrijärvi International Summer School on Educational Technology in Cultural Context, Finland, September 25 - 29, 2005
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Educational robotics, have been utilized surprising rarely in special education classrooms. However, according to our previous experiences, not only technology skills, but also social skills has been learned when work takes place collaboratively between school children, university students, and researchers in a technology-oriented environment.

The goal for this project is to develope methods, models and tools for compensating learning challenges in special education. In addition, the goal of the project is to educate teachers for using various technology in education. These goals are met through collaboration between research of educational technology, research of special education, software development, additional education for teachers and collaboration with schools.

1) The first goal of the project is to find technological solutions that will be suitable for supporting the learning process of students with individual needs.
2) The second goal of the project is to study the impact of technology on learning and teaching both from the special education and educational technology point of views.
3) In the long run the study on educational technologies in special education can contribute innovations and ideas also to general education.

Research with Children and Teachers

Children's role is often to work as a user of technologies instead of the role of doer, controller or creator of a technology, when combining special education and a technology. The Technologies for Children with Individal Needs Project answers to the problem by developing the Kids' Club concept and software for educational technology more versatile to special education.

Through the Kids' Club working model for technology education we emphasize children's active role in learning, present possibilities and new ways for learning through technology. The project activities are integrated in the curricula and technology education, and into the students' personal curricula.

The Project is funded by ESR, Itä-Suomen Lääninhallitus and EU.

Marjo Virnes,