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Thanks for attending the Scientific Writing course. From the organizers' viewpoint, the course was successful, largely due to excellent and lively lectures given by Jean-Luc and your contributions. Here are a few more post-course issues:

Firstly, we and Jean-Luc would very much appreciate if you can give feedback about the course and practical organizations.

FURTHERMORE, we have now uploaded a subset of the lecture slides kindly provided by Jean-Luc.

BUT this is not everything, since we also have some 'VISUALS':
-- Want to see what happened in the Scientific Writing course?

--All of the pictures can be found here.

--An article on local newspapaer.

The course is mainly organzied for ECSE students. The students from other departments in Joensuu and outside Joensuu are all welcome.
Please note that the deadline for registration is May 20, 2009.
  • ECSE students: free (including lectures, accommodation, lunch, social program)
  • Participants from other departments: free (only lectures); 50 euros (including lectures, lunch, social program)
  • The others: 100 euros (including lectures, lunch, social program)

Click here to register.

Payment by bank transfer:
Bank: Nordea Bank Finland plc
University Account no.: 166030-102478 (domestic payments)
IBAN no.: FI8116603000102478 (foreign payments)
Reference: 046/Lastname,Firstname

Introduction: "Write to be read - a reader and super-reader perspective"

Module 1: The "Why" and the "How" of each item in a standard scientific paper structure: title, abstract, introduction, body (headings, subheadings, tables and graphs), conclusion, and references.

Module 2: The writing process and the writing strategy.

Module 3: Elementary principles of composition: reaching clarity, conciseness, precision and fluidity in writing.

Module 4: Identification of writing problems: a walkthrough process to detect structural problems at the sentence, paragraph, and paper level.

Download Handout

Each participant is required to come to the class with a paper, either in draft form, or already published. Those who have never written a paper should bring a paper that they have read recently and are very familiar with. Participants should also come with pens or highlighters of at least three different colours.
Note: The opening and courses will be held in M100, Metria Building (see map), University of Joensuu.

Joensuu, June 8 - June 10, 2009

The Department of Computer Science and Statistics arranges a workshop on scientific writing, together with Jean-Luc Lebrun .

PhD students, and academics, should invest in a systematic study of scientific writing to enable successful publication of the results of their research. The purpose of this course is to offer tips and suggestions to improve the speed and quality of your publishing in English. The participants also learn to improve their scientific writing in English through specific editing techniques. The course is aimed for PhD students, but will also be open for postdocs and younger faculty members. Each participant entitles to a certificate of 2 credits for finishing the course.

Email: ecse09 at

"Having a paper in print means absolutely nothing, other than only one or two reviewers found some nugget of possibly new knowledge in what you submitted. If readers do not go to your paper, you have accomplished nothing. If people read your paper but remain unconvinced to use or at the very least to verify its findings, you have accomplished nothing. You will not be cited, a career-perishing prospect."

Jean-Luc Lebrun