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The School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland arranges a course on scientific presentation (course flier), together with Jean- Luc Lebrun.


The course tackles the three greatest obstacles a presenting scientist faces:fear, an over-technical text-heavy presentation, and a less-knowledgeable-than-expected audience. Through systematically rooting out what lessens presentation impact, and preparing a live delivery, the presenting scientist acquires confidence in himself, fluidity in speech, and authority when handling questions. The course is based on the book "When the Scientist Presents" (World Scientific Publishing).

Good presentation skills speed up career promotion decisions for two reasons:
1) Presenting takes a larger part of a scientist's time as he or she moves up the research ladder.
2) Presenting is key to getting funding and project support. A scientist that garners support is often put "on the fast career track".

The course is designed for research managers, researchers, graduates and postgraduates who deliver presentations in the course of their work to convince, motivate, inform, seek collaboration, or secure financial support.
Each participant entitles to 2 credit points (ECTS) for finishing the course.


Module 1: Meeting both audience expectations and presentation goals. Slide redesign.
Module 2: Delivering in front of audience: moving, standing, talking, pointing, observing, listening.
Module 3: Facing the questions: preparing the Q&A session, listening to, evaluating the relevance, and answering ten common kinds of scientific questions.

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Download Presentation template

Registered participants MUST come to the course with an existing presentation of 6 to 8 slides
corresponding to a scientific paper (not a review or a personal pet project). This presentation does not need to be perfect, but it needs to follow a template recommended by the course instructor as much as possible. This template (PowerPoint) will be sent to the registered participants approximately 1 week before the course stats. You are advised to start looking at the site BEFORE THE CLASS.
Participants MUST select their role in the course from the following:
Generalist: gives presentation topic, takes the Q&A from the audience after the presenter has presented his/her slides, supplies content for slides, and helps the presenter with slide preparation.
Presenter: prepares the slides, is responsible for the quality of slides, and presents the slides.
Elevator Pitcher: prepares and delivers the summary in the time span of an elevator ride with the help of the generalist
Performance reviewer: audience representative to presenters during their rehearsals, prepare questions for Q&A sections, participates to the PowerPoint Competition.
During the course, you will work on your presentation, so come to the class with your own computer with PowerPoint installed - this is absolutely required.


Jean-Luc Lebrun is a seasoned and humorous presenter of advanced technology. He presented Apple Computer's research to audiences world-wide for over ten years and hosted the CyberChat program on Singapore TV. He won many presentation awards throughout his career. He teaches presentation skills at the following A*Star research institutes: BII, BSF, BTI, CMM, DSI, GIS, I2R, IBN, ICES, IHPC, IMCB, IME, IMRE, and SIMTECH as well as European Universities.
*Agency for Science, Technology And Research Singapore