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CBU - Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Master the world of ICT!

The CBU ICT Master’s degree programme is a part of the Finnish-Russian Cross-Border University (CBU). It is based on cross border collaboration, exchange of academic resources, and development of joint study modules.

The programme provides students with a broad range of skills in modern information and communication technologies with a focus on technological development and scientific and educational cultures of Finland and Russia.

It is recommended for students with career plans in:

  • ICT, including large multinational ICT companies

  • Fields of research, consulting, software design and implementation, as well as in computational modelling, product design and development.

The main themes of the CBU-ICT master’s degree program are as follows:

  • Basic Methodologies, e.g. Software Engineering

  • Computational Intelligence, e.g. Image Analysis

  • Modern Communication Engineering, e.g Mobility and Wireless Communication

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